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Grid Computing in Life Science, First International Workshop on Life Science Grid, LSGRID 2004, Kanazawa, Japan, May 31 - June 1, 2004, Revised Selected andInvited Papers
ISBN: 3-540-25208-83370, 2005
Spatiotemporal Simulation of a Single Living Cell
FPT, 267-274, 2005
Multidimensional Dynamic Programming for Homology Search
FPL, 173-178, 2005
Prediction of Protein Secondary Structure from PDB Structure Information Based on Sequence Segments Homology Searching
METMBS, 250-255, 2004
MDGRAPE-3: A Petaflops Special-Purpose Computer System for Molecular Dynamics Simulations
PARCO, 669-676, 2003
DIO: Drug Interaction Ontology - Application to Inferences in Possible Drug-Drug Interactions
METMBS, 231-236, 2003
Development of Support Tool for NMR Spectrum Analysis
METMBS, 159-164, 2003
Prediction of Protein-Protein Interaction Sites Using Support Vector Machines
METMBS, 22-28, 2003
A Fine-Grained Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Distributed Parallel Systems
ICGA, 184-190, 1993
An Asynchronous Fine-Grained Parallel Genetic Algorithm
PPSN, 569-578, 1992
Implementing Streams on Parallel Machines with Distributed Memory
FGCS, 791-798, 1992
Learning Stochastic Motifs from Genetic Sequences
ML, 467-471, 1991
Implementation and Evaluation of Dynamic Predicates on the Sequential Inference Machine CHI
ICCL, 236-244, 1990
Performance Evaluation of a Sequential Inference Machine CHI
NACLP, 1165-1179, 1989