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RScaLAPACK: High-Performance Parallel Statistical Computing with R and ScaLAPACK
ISCA PDCS, 61-67, 2005
Distributed Dimension Reduction Algorithms for Widely Dispersed Data
IASTED PDCS, 167-174, 2002
Software Tools for Developing Parallel Applications, Part 1: Code Development and Debugging
PPSC, 1997
Software Tools for Developing Parallel Applications, Part 2: Interactive Control and Performance Tuning
PPSC, 1997
CUMULVS: Collaborative Infrastructure for Developing Distributed Simulations
PPSC, 1997
Wide-Area ATM Networking for Large-Scale MPPs
PPSC, 1997
PVMPI Provides Interoperability Between MPI Implementations
PPSC, 1997
1995 Gordon Bell Prize Winners
IEEE Computer, 29(1):79-85, 1996
Panel - Software Tools for High-Performance Distributed Computing
HPDC, 170-171, 1993
Using PVM 3.0 to Run Grand Challenge Applications on a Heterogeneous Network of Parallel Computers
PPSC, 873-877, 1993
Solving Computational Grand Challenges Using a Network of Heterogeneous Supercomputers
PPSC, 596-601, 1991
Parallel Implementation of a Nonsymmetric Tridiagonal Eigensolver
PPSC, 11-15, 1991
Parallel Tridiagonalization of a General Matrix Using Distributed-Memory Multiprocessors
PPSC, 29-35, 1989
LU Factorization on Distributed-Memory Multiprocessors
PPSC, 15-18, 1987