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Admission Control for Booking Ahead Shared Resources
INFOCOM, 873-882, 1998
A Scalable Architecture for Fair Leaky-Bucket Shaping
INFOCOM, 1054-1062, 1997
Hardware-Efficient Fair Queueing Architectures for High-Speed Networks
INFOCOM, 638-646, 1996
Massively Parallel Algorithms for Network Partition Functions
ICPP (3), 134-137, 1991
Comparison of a Fair Queueing Discipline to Processor Sharing
Performance, 193-207, 1990
Simple, Efficient Asynchronous Parallel Prefix Algorithms
ICPP, 66-69, 1987
Analysis of Snooping Caches
Performance, 345-361, 1987
A Probabilistic Pipeline Algorithm for K-Selection on the Tree Machine
ICPP, 1-5, 1985
On computing weak transitive closure on O(log N) expected random parallel time
ICPP, 199-204, 1982