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TRIAS: Optimization of complex networks
MMB, 453-456, 2006
On protection schemes in MPLS-based radio access networks
MMB, 15-32, 2006
MPLS/RSVP-TE-Based Future UMTS Radio Access Network
MMB, 75-80, 2004
An annotational extension of message sequence charts to support performance engineering
SDL Forum, 307-322, 1997
Derivation of efficient implementations from SDL specifications employing data referencing, integrated packet framing and activity threads
SDL Forum, 397-414, 1997
PMSC -- Integrating Performance into Message Sequence Chart
FBT, 145-154, 1997
Efficient Implementation Strategies for SDL
FBT, 283-292, 1997
On the Influence of Semantic Constraints on the Code Generation from Estelle Specifications
FORTE, 399-414, 1997
Design and Optimization of High-Performance Protocols with the DO-IT Toolbox
FORTE, 45-60, 1996
Methodology and tools for the development of high performance parallel systems with SDL/MSCs
Software Engineering for Parallel and Distributed Systems, 15-26, 1996