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On k-Ramsey Numbers of Unicyclic-Star Graphs
Ars Comb., 137203-220, 2018
Computing 3-total edge product cordial labeling of generalized Petersen graphs P(n, m)
Ars Comb., 137263-271, 2018
A Generalization of (2, w;d)-Cover Free Families
Ars Comb., 137233-248, 2018
On the sum of the squares of all distances in bipartite graphs
Ars Comb., 13645-55, 2018
The Strong Product of Graphs and Crossing Numbers
Ars Comb., 137141-147, 2018
Some New Upper Bounds on the Wiener and Edge Wiener Index of k-Connected Graphs
Ars Comb., 136335-339, 2018
The higher Balaban index on weighted matrix
Ars Comb., 137395-402, 2018
New Identities from a Combinatorial Approach to Generalized Fibonacci and Generalized Lucas Numbers
Ars Comb., 137103-111, 2018
Counting Rooted Non-separable Nearly Cubic Planar Maps
Ars Comb., 13753-70, 2018
New Families Of Generating Functions For q-Fibonacci And The Related Polynomials
Ars Comb., 136397-404, 2018
More on total monochromatic connection of graphs
Ars Comb., 136263-275, 2018
Simple 3-(q+1, 5, 3) designs admitting an automorphism group PSL(2, q) with q ≅ 1 (mod 4)
Ars Comb., 13697-108, 2018
Face labelings of type (1, 1, 1) for generalized prism
Ars Comb., 13741-52, 2018
A spanning k-spider in a graph
Ars Comb., 136247-253, 2018
Pm ∪ Pk-equicoverable paths and cycles
Ars Comb., 13795-101, 2018
Sporadic simple groups and block-transitive symmetric designs
Ars Comb., 136227-233, 2018
Combinatorics and n-color perfect partitions
Ars Comb., 13629-43, 2018
Formulas for various domination numbers of products of paths and cycles
Ars Comb., 137177-202, 2018
The lower bound of second-order nonlinearity of cubic functions
Ars Comb., 136255-261, 2018
Hamiltonicity of Connected Domination Critical Graphs
Ars Comb., 136127-151, 2018
On the largest real root of independence polynomials of trees
Ars Comb., 137149-164, 2018
On the Spectral Moment of Quasi-trees and Quasi-unicyclic Graphs
Ars Comb., 137335-344, 2018
A Note on Harmonic Index and Coloring Number of a Graph
Ars Comb., 137257-262, 2018
Some congruences involving q-harmonic numbers
Ars Comb., 137295-304, 2018
On the Linear 2-Arboricity of Planar Graphs without Intersecting 3-Cycles or Intersecting 4-Cycles
Ars Comb., 136383-389, 2018
On the harmonic index of quasi-tree graphs
Ars Comb., 137305-315, 2018
The Ramsey Number of Wheels versus a Fan of Order Five
Ars Comb., 137365-372, 2018
On the total signed domination number of Pm [square] Cn
Ars Comb., 1363-19, 2018
Sums Of Products Of Euler Numbers
Ars Comb., 136341-346, 2018
Metric Basis in Circulant Networks
Ars Comb., 136277-286, 2018
Changing and unchanging the diameter of a Mycielski graph
Ars Comb., 136327-334, 2018
Hereditary hemimorphy of {5, -4}-hemimorphic arc connected digraphs
Ars Comb., 13771-94, 2018
A divided difference approach to Abel and Hagen-Rothe identities
Ars Comb., 136161-168, 2018
A Note On The Annihilating-Ideal Graph Of Commutative Rings
Ars Comb., 137113-122, 2018
The Lights Out Game on Subdivided Caterpillars
Ars Comb., 136347-356, 2018
Decompositions Of λKv Into Multigraphs With Four Vertices And Five Edges
Ars Comb., 136287-316, 2018
Maximal independent sets in complementary prism graphs
Ars Comb., 137283-294, 2018
Parity results for 15-core partitions
Ars Comb., 136357-364, 2018
New Results on Graceful Unicyclic Graphs
Ars Comb., 137273-282, 2018
On the (k, i)-coloring of cacti and complete graphs
Ars Comb., 137317-333, 2018
The linear t-arboricity of complete bipartite graphs
Ars Comb., 137355-364, 2018
Cayley graphs of a group of order 6n
Ars Comb., 136365-382, 2018
Rank of the Hermitian-adjacency matrix of a mixed graph in terms of matching number
Ars Comb., 137221-232, 2018
On the automorphism group of a Johnson graph
Ars Comb., 136391-396, 2018
Some Properties Of Bivariate Gaussian Fibonacci And Lucas p-Polynomials
Ars Comb., 137123-139, 2018
Supereulerian Graphs with Few Independent Edges
Ars Comb., 136211-217, 2018
The L(j, k)-Edge-Labeling Problem on Graphs
Ars Comb., 137165-176, 2018
Subgraph Component Polynomials Of Some Compound Graphs
Ars Comb., 136109-125, 2018
Super Edge-Magicness of Stars Like Graphs
Ars Comb., 136405-417, 2018
Disjoint cycles in directed graphs
Ars Comb., 13621-27, 2018
Convolution identities for Tribonacci numbers
Ars Comb., 136199-210, 2018
Two-dimensional projective linear group and flag-transitive 4-(v, k, 2) Designs
Ars Comb., 13657-65, 2018
Digraph Isomorpshism Using Subdigraph Equivalent Vertices And Degree Pair Association
Ars Comb., 137373-394, 2018
The Spectrum Problem for the Cubic Graphs of Order 8
Ars Comb., 137345-354, 2018
On certain classes of graceful lobsters
Ars Comb., 13667-96, 2018
The Local Diagnosability of k-Ary n-Cube
Ars Comb., 136317-325, 2018
Strongly Spanning Trailable Graphs with Short Longest Paths
Ars Comb., 1373-39, 2018
The 4-cube as a D-levels locally homogeneous graph
Ars Comb., 136219-226, 2018
The characteristic polynomial of a graph operation and its applications
Ars Comb., 137249-255, 2018
The independence number of the competition graph of a bipartite tournament
Ars Comb., 136235-245, 2018
Some enumeration formulas for SYT of rectangular shape with two arms
Ars Comb., 138275-290, 2018
A class of cospectral graphs
Ars Comb., 14013-20, 2018
Edge-Critical G, H Colorings
Ars Comb., 138403-413, 2018
Tetravalent Normal Primitive Cayley Graphs
Ars Comb., 13969-83, 2018
On the skew-spectral distribution of randomly oriented graphs
Ars Comb., 14063-71, 2018
On k-distance Pell numbers and ((k-1)A, (k-1)B, kC)-edge coloured graphs
Ars Comb., 139197-215, 2018
About General Order Regular Flexagons
Ars Comb., 139159-173, 2018
A degree sequence variant of balanced bipartition problem of graphs
Ars Comb., 141167-178, 2018
Log-concavity of principal diagonal rays in the regular Lah triangles
Ars Comb., 14175-83, 2018
On list backbone coloring of graphs
Ars Comb., 140123-134, 2018
Congruences modulo 16, 32 and 64 for bipartitions with distinct even parts
Ars Comb., 140301-310, 2018
Dominating set and hamiltonicity in claw-heavy graphs
Ars Comb., 14121-27, 2018
On the fractional metric dimension of corona product graphs and lexicographic product graphs
Ars Comb., 138249-260, 2018
Twin signed total domination numbers in directed graphs
Ars Comb., 138119-131, 2018
Decycling Number of a class of 4-regular graphs
Ars Comb., 139315-326, 2018
Adjacency and Laplacian spectrum of a class of generalized corona
Ars Comb., 140113-121, 2018
First Reformulated Zagreb Index And Some Graph Operations
Ars Comb., 138193-209, 2018
An application of the incidence matrix to digraphs
Ars Comb., 141179-190, 2018
The degree sequence of the graph with cyclomatic number less than four
Ars Comb., 139237-246, 2018
An Exponent Bound for Abelian Group that admit a Covering Extended Building Set
Ars Comb., 139217-227, 2018
On r-(k)-pancyclic Graphs
Ars Comb., 140277-291, 2018
Iterative algorithm for computing irregularity strength of complete graph
Ars Comb., 13817-24, 2018
The number of subgroups of a direct product of cyclic p-groups
Ars Comb., 139353-360, 2018
On The Generalized Cayley Graphs Of Power Set Rings And Hamiltonian Cycles
Ars Comb., 138365-380, 2018
A new labeling of C2n proves that K4 + M6n decomposes K6n+4
Ars Comb., 139255-267, 2018
A Class of Symmetric Association Schemes as Inclusion of Biplanes
Ars Comb., 13863-75, 2018
The Radio Number of Edge-Joint Graphs
Ars Comb., 139337-351, 2018
Hosoya polynomials of random phenylene chains
Ars Comb., 141259-268, 2018
Linear list r-hued colorings of graphs with bounded maximum subgraph average degrees
Ars Comb., 140149-172, 2018
The neighbor expanded sum distinguishing index of Halin graphs
Ars Comb., 14163-73, 2018
Minimizing Wiener index of trees containing a prescribed subtree
Ars Comb., 138211-222, 2018
On the spectral moments of signless Laplacian matrix of trees and unicyclic graphs
Ars Comb., 141345-351, 2018
The corona between paths and cycles
Ars Comb., 139269-281, 2018
On Co-PI Index of Graphs
Ars Comb., 141333-343, 2018
Reciprocal Product Degree Distance of Tensor Product of Graphs
Ars Comb., 13893-104, 2018
Wiener index and Harary index on Hamilton-connected and traceable graphs
Ars Comb., 14153-62, 2018
Plane graphs without homeomorphically irreducible spanning trees
Ars Comb., 141157-165, 2018
On k-resonance of plane 4-8 lattices
Ars Comb., 13825-34, 2018
Bicyclic graphs with the second up to eighth largest hyper-Wiener indices
Ars Comb., 140215-235, 2018
Cubic Edge-Transitive Graphs Of Order 22pn
Ars Comb., 138133-142, 2018
Minimum Fault-Tolerant, local and strong metric dimension of graphs
Ars Comb., 138333-353, 2018
Fault Tolerance of λ-Optimal Graphs
Ars Comb., 138355-364, 2018
Extremal Properties of Some Topological Indices of Graphs
Ars Comb., 139327-336, 2018
List injective Coloring of Planar Graphs
Ars Comb., 141191-211, 2018
The correlation between the f-chromatic class and the gc-chromatic class of an (r, r+1)-graph
Ars Comb., 139385-392, 2018
Poncelet's Theorem in the four non-isomorphic finite projective planes of order 9
Ars Comb., 14021-44, 2018
Constacyclic Codes over Fp + vFp
Ars Comb., 13955-67, 2018
Simple permutations, alternating permutations, and the superpatterns that contain them
Ars Comb., 14073-95, 2018
Well-Partitioned and Balanced Well-Partitioned Graphs
Ars Comb., 138387-392, 2018
Paired-Domination in Claw-Free Graphs with Minimum Degree at Least Four
Ars Comb., 139393-409, 2018
On The Genus Two Characterizations Of Unit, Unitary Cayley And Co-Maximal Graphs
Ars Comb., 13877-91, 2018
On the edge irregularity strength of disjoint union of star graph and subdivision of star graph
Ars Comb., 14193-100, 2018
On mutually independent hamiltonian cycles
Ars Comb., 139185-195, 2018
Adjacent vertex distinguishing incidence coloring of the tours and cylinder
Ars Comb., 140251-265, 2018
Cactus graphs with equal domination and complementary tree domination numbers
Ars Comb., 139229-235, 2018
On unicyclic graphs with maximum Harary spectral radius
Ars Comb., 140311-319, 2018
Changhee-Genocchi Numbers And Their Applications
Ars Comb., 136153-159, 2018
Hyper-Wiener index and Hamiltonicity of graphs
Ars Comb., 139175-184, 2018
The crossing numbers of Cartesian products of path with some graphs
Ars Comb., 141101-110, 2018
Tricyclic balanced sampling plans avoiding adjacent units with block size three
Ars Comb., 141319-332, 2018
On (A, 2B, 2C)-edge colouring in certain class of graphs
Ars Comb., 139119-131, 2018
Spectral characterizations of graphs with at most two (signless) Laplacian eigenvalues greater than 2
Ars Comb., 13943-54, 2018
The pancyclic properties of d-ary n-dimensional cube
Ars Comb., 140135-148, 2018
Fault-tolerance of balanced hypercubes with faulty vertices and faulty edges
Ars Comb., 14045-61, 2018