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Requirements Prioritization Framework for Developing Green and Sustainable Software using ANP-based Decision Making
EnviroInfo, 327-335, 2013
Do More People Make the Code More Defect Prone?: Social Network Analysis in OSS Projects
SEKE, 93-98, 2010
Prest: An Intelligent Software Metrics Extraction, Analysis and Defect Prediction Tool
SEKE, 637-642, 2009
BITS: Issue Tracking and Project Management Tool in Healthcare Software Development
SEKE, 526-529, 2009
Refactoring Prediction Using Class Complexity Metrics
ICSOFT (SE/MUSE/GSDCA), 289-292, 2008
Software Effort Estimation as a Classification Problem
ICSOFT (SE/MUSE/GSDCA), 274-277, 2008
Predicting Defects in a Large Telecommunication System
ICSOFT (SE/MUSE/GSDCA), 284-288, 2008
Weighted Static Code Attributes for Software Defect Prediction
SEKE, 143-148, 2008
Software Defect Prediction: Heuristics for Weighted Naïve Bayes
ICSOFT (SE), 244-249, 2007
Synchronization of UML Based Refactoring with Graph Transformation
SEKE, 232-237, 2007
SAM: Semantic Advanced Matchmaker
SEKE, 698-703, 2007
Improved Service Ranking and Scoring: Semantic Advanced Matchmaker (SAM)
ENASE, 95-102, 2007
A CRM-Based Pricing Model - For m-Commerce Services
ICE-B, 118-125, 2006