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NegPar: A parallel corpus annotated for negation
LREC, 2018
Evaluating Machine Translation Performance on Chinese Idioms with a Blacklist Method
LREC, 2018
TraumaTIQ: Online Decision Support for Trauma Management
IEEE Intelligent Systems, 13(1):32-39, 1998
Expectations in Incremental Discourse Processing
ACL, 88-95, 1997
Casualty Modeling for Real-Time Medical Training
Presence, 5(4):359-366, 1996
The Center for Human Modeling and Simulation
Presence, 4(1):81-96, 1995
Accommodating Context Change
ACL, 96-103, 1992
Tense as Discourse Anaphor
Computational Linguistics, 14(2):61-73, 1988
Discourse Deixis: Reference to Discourse Segments
ACL, 113-122, 1988