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RCC-3D: Qualitative Spatial Reasoning in 3D
CAINE, 74-79, 2010
On Parameter Selection for Reducing Premature Convergence of Genetic Algorithms
CAINE, 214-219, 2010
Analyzing Students' Emotion while Solving Mathematical Questions using EEG Signals
CAINE, 321-326, 2010
Proceedings of the ISCA 23rd International Conference on Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering, CAINE 2010, November 8-10 2010, Imperial Palace Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
ISBN: 978-1-880843-79-6, 2010
Error Estimation In Distance Resolution Using Robot Vision
CAINE, 297-302, 2010
Applying ANT and CoP in the Collaboration and Communication through the User Interface of a Control Room
CAINE, 61-66, 2010
Multi-Resolution Deformation in Out-of-Core Terrain Rendering
CAINE, 98-104, 2010
The Effect of Interaction on Robotic Sensor Network Experiments
CAINE, 285-290, 2010
Design and Implementation of FPGA RSA Engine
CAINE, 190-195, 2010
Cost Minimization in Utility-driven Distributed Computing Systems with Central-Server Model
CAINE, 86-91, 2010
MINI-DB: Demystifying the Inner Workings of Database Systems
CAINE, 43-48, 2010
Differential Drive Robot Model, Simulation, and Verification
CAINE, 13-20, 2010
A Three Variable, Discrete Value Functional Test Case Executor Exemplified
CAINE, 185-189, 2010
A Residential Energy Management System Using an ANFIS Predictor to Model Energy Usage
CAINE, 303-308, 2010
A Comparative Approach of Word Similarity and Synonymy
CAINE, 80-85, 2010
A New Wavelet Information-Theoretic Approach for Image Fusion
CAINE, 117-120, 2010
Cellular Automaton as an Epidemiological Model: A New Twist on Old Ideas
CAINE, 127-131, 2010
Real-Time Emotional Speech Processing for Neurorobotics Applications
CAINE, 239-244, 2010
A Robust Controller Design with Multiple Constraints Using Genetic Algorithms and LMI Approach
CAINE, 220-225, 2010
Understanding Autistic Children Perception through EEG
CAINE, 315-320, 2010
Robust TCP Migration Techniques for Server Failure
CAINE, 67-73, 2010
Handling Uncertainty in Composite Event Detection
CAINE, 309-314, 2010
Insights into a Bare PC Web Server
CAINE, 92-97, 2010
Scalable Message Logging Algorithm for Geographically Distributed Broker-based Sensor Networks
CAINE, 279-284, 2010
Fault Tolerance of Node Failures in a Stochastic Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
CAINE, 264-168, 2010
Participation in IT-Standards Organizations Supports Multi-Agency First-Responder Command-and-Control System
CAINE, 162-169, 2010
Identify Disease Related Genes by Differentiating Pooled Microarray Expression Data
CAINE, 132-137, 2010
The Benchmarks of Evaluating General Database Migration Tools
CAINE, 37-42, 2010
A New Approach for Time Series Forecasting based on Genetic Algorithm
CAINE, 226-231, 2010
Placement Tool Dedicated for a Via-programmable Logic Device VPEX
CAINE, 21-25, 2010
VoiceMarc3D: Software Specifications and Implementation Design
CAINE, 144-149, 2010
Survey and Classification of Software Technologies for Multi-core Architecture
CAINE, 26-30, 2010
Enhanced RFID Mutual Authentication Scheme Based on Shared Secret Information
CAINE, 208-213, 2010
Symbolic Schedulability Analysis of Task Sets with Preemption Thresholds
CAINE, 273-278, 2010
Wireless Programming to Build Corobot
CAINE, 176-179, 2010
DBHTE: A Novel Algorithm for Extracting Real-time Microblogging Topics
CAINE, 55-60, 2010
Sensor Networks used in an Electrical Engineering Capstone Projects Course
CAINE, 269-272, 2010
Data Mining and Analysis of Material Data using Feature Clustering for Radiation Shielding
CAINE, 49-54, 2010
Evaluating Encryption Techniques for C4I System
CAINE, 196-201, 2010
The Effect of Packet Loss on Cooperative Multirobot Systems
CAINE, 291-296, 2010
Understanding the User's Approach Toward Location-based Field Tasks
CAINE, 156-161, 2010
Fast and Simple Training for Neuro-Control of Video Games
CAINE, 1-6, 2010
Minimum Data Aggregation Schedule in Wireless Sensor Networks
CAINE, 257-263, 2010
Hidden Patterns: Clustering Diabetes Data
CAINE, 138-143, 2010
Object-oriented Testing beyond Statement Coverage
CAINE, 150-155, 2010
An Empirical Study of Simulated Bee Colony Algorithm Parameter Values
CAINE, 170-175, 2010
Scrybe: A Tablet Interface for Virtual Environments
CAINE, 105-110, 2010
POIRE - Defining Position Oriented Input using Regular Expressions at Two Levels: An Industrial Case Study
CAINE, 31-36, 2010
Enhancing C4I Security using Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
CAINE, 202-207, 2010
Mapping UML Components diagrams to XML using Graph Transformation
CAINE, 245-250, 2010
A Generalized, Three Variable, Discrete Value Functional Test CaseGenerator
CAINE, 180-184, 2010
Models for Personalized Healthcare
CAINE, 121-126, 2010
A Resilient Actuation Attack on Wireless Sensor Networks
CAINE, 251-256, 2010
Floorplan Optimization for Hierarchical VLSI Design
CAINE, 114-119, 2009
Traffic Engineering in Static Routing Using Multiple Static Route Configuration Scheme
CAINE, 139-144, 2009
A Model for Learning Words in a Language by Crawling the Web
CAINE, 183-188, 2009
3D Scans of AS-Built Street Scenes in Taipei
CAINE, 36-41, 2009
Comparison of JSON and XML Data Interchange Formats: A Case Study
CAINE, 157-162, 2009
Communication Reduction Techniques for Application-Specific Traffic in Mesh Networks
CAINE, 266-271, 2009
Constant Splitting of Instructions Applied to Embedded Systems for Code Compression
CAINE, 207-212, 2009
Parallel Quasi-Newton Optimization using Graphics Processing Units
CAINE, 189-194, 2009
Using Ponder as a Standard Security Specification Language in Heterogeneous Networks
CAINE, 145-150, 2009
Quality of Security Service in a Virtual Private Network
CAINE, 25-29, 2009
Build a Promoter Motif Database for System Biology Research
CAINE, 231-236, 2009
Multi-channel Multiplexed Stand-alone Audio Data Acquisition System: The effect of settling time on acquisition accuracy
CAINE, 260-165, 2009
Computational Methods for Personal Healthcare
CAINE, 237-242, 2009
Predicting Likelihood of Undergraduate Students graduating with Honors
CAINE, 278-283, 2009
Multi-Level Power Management Policy for Multi-Core Chips
CAINE, 93-101, 2009