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Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on Scientific Computing, CSC 2010, July 12-15, 2010, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
ISBN: 1-60132-137-6, 2010
An Efficient Multiplication Algorithm for Thin Matrices and for Matrices with Similar Rows and Columns
CSC, 147-152, 2010
Random Walks of Tetrahedrons and Cubes
CSC, 55-61, 2010
Cellular Automata Approach to Corrosion and Passivity Phenomena
CSC, 62-67, 2010
Performance Modeling, Analysis, and Optimization of Cell-List Based Molecular Dynamics
CSC, 209-215, 2010
Application Context of the SCIDDICA Model Family for Simulations of Flow-Like Landslides
CSC, 40-46, 2010
Computing Forced Two-Dimensional Turbulence Using Direct Numerical Simulations: Geometrical Aspects
CSC, 348-352, 2010
Automatic Programming with Combinatorial Topology of Modular Cellular Automata, Distributed Cellular Automata and Multi-Scale Cellular Automata
CSC, 33-39, 2010
Predictive Modeling of Forecast Uncertainty in the Route Availability Planning Tool (RAPT)
CSC, 122-127, 2010
Modelling Discrete and Continuos in the Framework of the New Computational Paradigm Working Numerically with Infinite and Infinitesimal Numbers
CSC, 13, 2010
Identification of NARX Model Using Neural Network and Support Vector Machine
CSC, 382-, 2010
Deep Memory Greedy Search with PSO for the Allocation of Job Shop Scheduling for Optimizing Shop Floor Performance
CSC, 335-338, 2010
Novel Collaborative Constraints Solving Techniques - Case Studies on Synchronizing a MIP Solver and a CP Solver
CSC, 339-342, 2010
MapReduce Programming Model for Matrix Computations
CSC, 257-263, 2010
Autonomous Control of 1-Trailer Mobile Robots
CSC, 153-158, 2010
Multi-degree-of-freedom Test Benches from Composite Materials
CSC, 179-181, 2010
A Cellular Automata-Based Cryptographic Model with a Variable-Length Ciphertext
CSC, 19-25, 2010
Nonlinear Motion Planning and Control for Differential Drive Systems
CSC, 164-169, 2010
CA based Self-Testing and Self-Organizing Processing Arrays
CSC, 68-74, 2010
A Scalable Distributed Memory Programming Model for Large-Scale Biological Systems Simulation
CSC, 251-256, 2010
Finite Element Analysis of Backfill Above Buried Corrugated Steel Plate Structure
CSC, 142-146, 2010
Chaotic Regions in Turbulent Magneto-hydro-dynamical (MHD) Waves
CSC, 198-201, 2010
Third Order Variants of Steffensen Type Methods and Geometric Interpretation
CSC, 170-173, 2010
A New Method for Differential Equations
CSC, 174-178, 2010
Integrating Dam Breach Modules to Analyze Earth Embankment Dams
CSC, 223-229, 2010
Simple Cellular Automata-Based Linear Models for a Class of Sequence Generators
CSC, 14-18, 2010
High-order Parallel Iterative Method For The Heat Equations
CSC, 243-250, 2010
Computation of the Partially Plastic Stresses in Graded Curved Bars
CSC, 273-280, 2010
Filters on the Fly - Least Squares Digital Differentiators (LSDD)
CSC, 323-328, 2010
Finding the Convex Hull of a Simple Polygon
CSC, 159-163, 2010
A Parallel Needleman - Wunsch - Hirschberg Bio-sequence Alignment Algorithm
CSC, 269-272, 2010
An Evaluation of Parallel Knapsack Algorithms on Multicore Architectures
CSC, 230-235, 2010
Multidimensional Matrix Algebra and Multidimensional Matrix Calculus (5 Parts)
CSC, 353-381, 2010
The Number of Minimal Points, the Minimal Values and Related Algorithms of Non-linear Mixed Convex Functionals with Bounded Domain
CSC, 314-322, 2010
Temporal Complexity of Totalistic Cellular Automaton Rule 52
CSC, 87-92, 2010
Collocation and Numerical Quadrature Errors in the Numerical Solution of Linear Volterra Integral Equations of the Second Kind
CSC, 295-301, 2010
Analysis of Grooved Journal Bearings Using Backward Derivation Approach
CSC, 288-294, 2010
An Integer Programming Formulation for a Single Pallet in the Airlift Loading Problem with Insufficient Aircraft
CSC, 107-113, 2010
The Direct Algorithm Applied to a Problem in Biomechanics with Conformal Mapping
CSC, 128-133, 2010
A Mathematica-Based Hydrodynamics Model
CSC, 302-306, 2010
A Linear Cellular Automata-Based Model for Generating Cryptographic Sequences
CSC, 100-106, 2010
The Infinity Computer and Numerical Computations with Infinite and Infinitesimal Numbers
CSC, 6-12, 2010
Calculation of Lyapunov Exponent Spectras Based on Different Parameter Sets in the Bonhoeffer-van der Pol Model
CSC, 264-268, 2010
A Cellular Automaton Approach for Heat Propagation Under High Gradients
CSC, 26-32, 2010
Accuracy of the Immersed Boundary Method in Fixed-Point Arithmetic
CSC, 216-222, 2010
Linear-Time Combinatorial Option Pricing Algorithms on the Trinomial Lattice Model
CSC, 134-141, 2010
The Number of Minimal Points, Minimal Values and Related Algorithms for Non-linear Mixed Convex Functionals with Unbounded Domain
CSC, 307-313, 2010
Swirl Decay in Pneumatic Particulate Conveyance
CSC, 182-186, 2010
Large Scale VLSI Circuit Simulation Using Point Relaxation
CSC, 343-347, 2010
A Minimal Spatial Cellular Automata for Hierarchical Predatory Prey Simulation of Food Chains
CSC, 75-80, 2010
An 4-state 3-neighborhood Cellular Automata Pseudorandom Number Generator based on 2-state 3-neighborhood Evolution
CSC, 81-86, 2010
A Dynamical Implementation of the Stockholm Resilience Center 'Safe Operating Space' Model
CSC, 236-242, 2010
Fourier Transform for Pricing Asian Options with Higher-Order Convergence Rates
CSC, 114-121, 2010
Study on Solution of Ill-Posed Integral Equations with Wavelet Bases
CSC, 202-208, 2010
Numerical Methods for Heat Conduction in Systems of Arbitrarily Different Materials
CSC, 281-287, 2010
Wentzel-Freidlin Estimates for Jump Processes in Semi-group Theory: Upper-bound
CSC, 187-192, 2010
Efficiency in Computing Correlation Matrix of Wavelet Coefficients by Exploiting Index Structure
CSC, 193-197, 2010
Cellular Automata in Gentrification of City
CSC, 93-99, 2010
Introduction to Statistical Geometry
CSC, 329-334, 2010
Sky Detection in CSC-segmented Color Images
VISAPP (2), 101-106, 2009
Numerical Simulations for Forest Wildfires
CSC, 275-281, 2009
A New Iterative Method for Solving Initial Value Problems
CSC, 15-20, 2009
A New Straightforward Decomposition Method Without Iteration To Approximate Matrices Via Dominant Basis Matrices
CSC, 79-83, 2009
Numerical Integration Methods by Using Bernstein Polynomials and Their Properties
CSC, 355-358, 2009
Programmable Cellular Automata as Intermediate Computational Formalisms in End-User Parallel Programming of Massively Multi-Core Computer Architectures
CSC, 295-303, 2009
Symbolic Scientific Computation for Feedback Control Laws through Backstepping
CSC, 364-370, 2009
Markov Based Mathematical Model of the Fetal Circulation and Analysis
CSC, 359-363, 2009
Capacity Expansion Problem with Probabilistic Constraints
CSC, 230-236, 2009
Generating Random Automata
CSC, 84-88, 2009
Computational Analysis of the Aeroelastic Behaviour of Wind-Turbine Blades
CSC, 260-264, 2009
Study on Convergence of Volterra Type Integral Equation by the Whittaker Cardinal Expansion
CSC, 220-224, 2009
Subdivision Depth Computation for Tensor Product Ternary Volumetric Model
CSC, 151-158, 2009
Simulating Flows Over Wavy Inclined Surfaces
CSC, 113-117, 2009
Simulation of Visual Heterogeneous Traffic Flow Model for Multilane Intersection
CSC, 317-321, 2009
Parallel Program Complex for 3d Simulation of Gas Flows
CSC, 132-138, 2009
Homotopy-Padé Technique for Solving Fourth-Order Boundary Value Problems
CSC, 34-39, 2009
A Geosimulation Infrastructure Based on Open-Source GIS Components
CSC, 342-348, 2009
Variant Newton's Method to Speed Up Solving Quasi-Three-Dimensional Finite Element Model of Laser Reformation
CSC, 270-274, 2009
Monte Carlo simulation of the global nitrogen cycle
CSC, 139-144, 2009