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Distributed and Parallel Systems: Cluster and Grid Computing (DAPSYS 2004, Austrian-Hungarian Workshop on Distributed and Parallel Systems, Budapest, Hungary September 19-22, 2004)
ISBN: 0-387-23094-7777, 2004
Deploying Applications in Multi-SAN SMP Clusters
DAPSYS, 63-70, 2004
Parallelization of a Quantum Scattering Code using P-GRADE
DAPSYS, 121-128, 2004
Tools for Scalable Parallel Program Analysis - Vampir VNG and DeWiz
DAPSYS, 93-102, 2004
A Concurrent Implementation of Simulated Annealing and its Application to the VRPTW Optimization Problem
DAPSYS, 201-209, 2004
Traffic simulation in P-GRADE as a Grid service
DAPSYS, 129-136, 2004
Scheduling and Ressource Brokering within the Grid Visualization Kernel
DAPSYS, 29-36, 2004
Grid Solution for e-marketplaces integrated with Logistics
DAPSYS, 155-164, 2004
VL-E: Approaches to design a Grid-based Virtual Laboratory
DAPSYS, 21-28, 2004
Process Migration in Clusters and Cluster Grids
DAPSYS, 103-110, 2004
Development of a Grid Enabled Chemistry Application
DAPSYS, 137-144, 2004
Management of Communication Environments for Minimally Synchronous Parallel ML
DAPSYS, 185-192, 2004
Integration of Formal Verification and Debugging Methods in P-GRADE Environment
DAPSYS, 83-92, 2004
An Approach Towards MPI Applications in Wireless Networks
DAPSYS, 55-62, 2004
Analysis of the Multi-Phase Copying Garbage Collection Algorithm
DAPSYS, 193-200, 2004
Parallel Programm Execution Support in the JGrid System
DAPSYS, 13-20, 2004
Supporting Native Applications in WebCom-G
DAPSYS, 147-154, 2004
glogin - Interactive Connectivity for the Grid
DAPSYS, 3-12, 2004
Incremental Placement of Nodes in a Large-Scale Adaptive Distributed Multimedia Server
DAPSYS, 165-172, 2004
MPI-I/O with a Shared File Pointer Using a Parallel Virtual File System
DAPSYS, 47-54, 2004
Graphical design of Parallel Programs with Control Based on Global Applications States using an Extended P-GRADE System
DAPSYS, 113-120, 2004
Component Based Flight Simulation in DIS Systems
DAPSYS, 173-181, 2004
Message Passing vs. Virtual Shared Memory, A Performance Comparison
DAPSYS, 39-46, 2004