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The use of hop-limits to provide survivable ATM group communications
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Addressing Network Survivability Issues by Finding the K-Best Paths through a Trellis Graph
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Integrated Control of Connection Admission, Flow Rate, and Bandwidth for ATM Based Networks
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A Nonstationary Analysis of Bandwidth Access Control Schemes for Heterogeneous Traffic in B-ISDN
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A Simple Approximation for Modeling Nonstationary Queues
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Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in Broadband ISDN Using a Multilevel Optimal Control Approach
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A Comparative Evaluation of Space Priority Strategies in ATM Networks
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An Analysis of the Congestion Effects of Link Failures in Wide Area Networks
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An Optimal Control Approach to Decentralized Dynamic Virtual Circuit Routing in Computer Networks
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The Performance of Adaptive Window Flow Controls in a Dynamic Load Environment
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Modeling of Computer Networks for Performance Evaluation and Control Under Nonstationary Conditions
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