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Sampling based Optimum Signal Detection in Concentration Encoded Molecular Communication - Receiver Architecture and Performance
BIOSIGNALS, 372-376, 2013
On the Detection of Binary Concentration-encoded Unicast Molecular Communication in Nanonetworks
BIOSIGNALS, 446-449, 2011
Characterization of Molecular Communication Channel for Nanoscale Networks
BIOSIGNALS, 327-332, 2010
Effective Bandwidth Calculation for QoS Routing in IEEE 802.11 DCF Ad hoc Networks
Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks, 2(3), 2006
An Evaluation of Different Marking Algorithms in Assured Forwarding Service
MMNS, 61-73, 2000
Cooperative Adaptation to Quality of Servive Using Active Software Agents
Networking and Information Systems, 2(3):283-304, 1999
I-Bit Differential Detection of GMSK with Data-Aided Phase Control
ICC, 1809-1813, 1986