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TRUC: an eLearning tool for Risk and Uncertainty Concepts
ESM, 400-402, 2002
Discrete Optimization of a Star Topology Network
ESM, 368-372, 2002
16th European Simulation Multiconference: Modelling and Simulation 2002, June 3-5, 2002, Fachhochschule Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany
ISBN: 90-77039-07-4, 2002
Formal Behaviour Verification of HLA Federations using Temporal Logic
ESM, 273-277, 2002
A Java Toolset for Modelling and Simulation of Complex Timed Petri Nets
ESM, 37-41, 2002
Coverage and capacity of a Mobile Infostations System
ESM, 486-488, 2002
Modelling and Simulation of Metabolic Networks Petri Nets Approach and Perspective
ESM, 441-444, 2002
Analytical Models for Parameter Tracking Algorithms
ESM, 527-531, 2002
Characteristics of the Simultaneously Functioning Queueing Systems
ESM, 718-722, 2002
Generic Modelling of a Stochastic Continuous System
ESM, 29-36, 2002
Teaching Partial Differential Equations through the Internet: an Interactive Approach
ESM, 395-399, 2002
Investigations on IP Based Mobility for Wireless LANs with the Network Simulator NS
ESM, 661-665, 2002
Feasibility of Distributed Parallel Simulation of AI Search Algorithms
ESM, 168-171, 2002
A Scalable Scheme for Call Admission and Handover of a Single Radio Cell in a Cellular WATM System: An Analytical Approach
ESM, 479-485, 2002
OLYMPIOS: a Model to control Process with Component
ESM, 14-19, 2002
Busy Period Distribution of the BMAP/PH/1 Queue
ESM, 513-517, 2002
HLA Interoperability Analysis based on Coloured Petri Nets
ESM, 269-272, 2002
Simulation of Container Terminal - A General Approach
ESM, 385-388, 2002
Application of Finite Elemnets Method for Analysis and Design of Hyperelastic Material
ESM, 346-349, 2002
Scheduling Algorithm for Distributed Simulation Systems Management
ESM, 247-252, 2002
Employing a Real- Time System Specification for the Development of FRTS Systems
ESM, 72-79, 2002
Functional Modeling: a Survey for a Common Framework Design
ESM, 89-93, 2002
Use of a Resampling Approach to Systems Simulation
ESM, 150-155, 2002
Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation of Adsorption, Diffusion and Reaction in Single File Networks at Steady State Conditions
ESM, 618-622, 2002
Filament Winding Simulation for Robotic Cell Design
ESM, 603-608, 2002
Impatient Service in Exponential Tandem Queues
ESM, 518-521, 2002
A Retrial Queueing System with a Finite Buffer, several Input Flows and a Customer Searching Server
ESM, 572-575, 2002
Preliminary Approach to the Simulation of Coevolution in an Ecosystem: The Bacterial Phage Interactions
ESM, 466-471, 2002
Integrating a Bond Graph Based Model of Chemo Mechanical Coupling with Huxley's Sliding Filament Theory
ESM, 423-427, 2002
On the Reliability of Random Number Generators
ESM, 142-144, 2002
The Analysis and Decomposition of Free-Form Surface Models
ESM, 350-352, 2002
BAPER A Spacecraft Batery Performance Tool for Cluster II
ESM, 184-188, 2002
Performance Modeling of Retrial Systems using the MOSEL Language
ESM, 567-571, 2002
Software Sirius++ for Performance Evaluation of Modern Communication Networks
ESM, 489-493, 2002
Fault Detection and Isolation in Magnetic Levitation Vehicle using Hybrid Parameter Estimation and Fuzzy Logic Residual Evaluation
ESM, 694-701, 2002
Simulation Based Study of Multi-Threshold Mechanism for ABR Services in ATM-Networks
ESM, 373-377, 2002
Option Pricing using Numerical Methods
ESM, 287-290, 2002
L-systems and MTGs: Integrating Simulation and Formal Analysis of Architectural Plant Models
ESM, 418-422, 2002
System Dynamics for Enviromental Management: Four Case Studies
ESM, 461-465, 2002
Simulation of Autonomous DCVS for Baggage Handling at Airports
ESM, 381-384, 2002
Qualitative Modeling of Complex Physical Systems based on Similarity Calculus
ESM, 312-316, 2002
Simulation of MTTF-Values for a 1oo2 Safety-related System using an Approach with Monte Carlo Method
ESM, 613-617, 2002
Simple Solutions for Periodic Queues
ESM, 505-512, 2002
Parallel Simulation of Gaspulsations in Pipe Systems
ESM, 237-240, 2002
COUGAR Concept and New Approach to Service Management By Using Simulation
ESM, 291-295, 2002
Simulation-based Configuration and Animation of Production Systems via the Internet
ESM, 593-596, 2002
Multi-Pole Modelling and Simulation of a Four Way Valve Controlled Fluid Power System in NUT Programming Environment
ESM, 677-681, 2002
Visiting Probabilities in Non-Irreducible Markov Chains with Strongly Connected Components
ESM, 548-552, 2002
Stationary Workload Analysis for Single Service Systems with Slowly Decreasing Service Time Distributions
ESM, 532-539, 2002
The Modelling of 3-Axis Vibration Measurement sensor using an Incremental Motion Encoder (IME)
ESM, 303-306, 2002
Eccentricity Error Compensation Models for an Incremental Motion Encoder (IME)
ESM, 328-331, 2002
Distributed Simulation of Metabolic Networks with Model Variants
ESM, 436-440, 2002
Performance Modelling of Software Systems in UML-Tools for the Software Developmer
ESM, 94-99, 2002
Validation: Real World System Knowledge, Types of Validity and Credibility Levels
ESM, 257-261, 2002
On the Topography Simulation of Memory Cell Trenches for Semiconductor Manufacturing Deposition Processes using the Level Set Method
ESM, 653-660, 2002
PeNeTo; A Petri Net Simulator for Fast Safety and Quality Analysis and Cost - Prediction
ESM, 50-54, 2002
Integrated Support of Software Re-Use in CASE
ESM, 108-114, 2002
MPIT - a Programming Paradigm for Networks of SMP Workstations
ESM, 211-218, 2002
Modelling and Simulation in the Design Flow for Numerically Controlled Oscillators
ESM, 625-629, 2002
Mobility Models for Cellular Simulation Tools
ESM, 332-336, 2002
The Application of VV & A in Promoting the Credible Employment of M&S Within the Joint Strike Fighter Program
ESM, 705-709, 2002
Microprocessor Control of Electromechanical Systems with Induction Motor Drive
ESM, 630-633, 2002
Intelligent Management and Optimization of a Combined Energy Unit - Supplier - Consumer System
ESM, 194-199, 2002
Scheduling Issues in a Partitionable Parallel System
ESM, 522-526, 2002
Determination of Optimal Qualities of Products during Research Design and Construct Stages using the Mathematical Methods
ESM, 599-602, 2002
From Simulation Chips to Biomedical Simulators
ESM, 431-435, 2002
Monte-Carlo Simulation of Multi-Agent System in Soap Froth
ESM, 343-345, 2002
Determination and Propagation of Credibility in V&V Activities
ESM, 262-266, 2002
ACME (A Common Mental Environment)- Driver A Cognitive Car Driver Model
ESM, 689-693, 2002
An Object Oriented Approach to Telecommunications Network Modeling
ESM, 360-367, 2002
Virtual Prototyping of a Hydraulic Cushion for HIL
ESM, 80-85, 2002
Using Meta-Modelling and Graph Grammars to Process GPSS Models
ESM, 100-107, 2002
Networks of Infinite Server Queues
ESM, 710-717, 2002
Performance Analysis of GSM Cells with Re-Use Partitioning
ESM, 494-504, 2002
Simulation of e-Procurement with XML
ESM, 296-298, 2002
Integration of the Spectre(r) Circuit Simulator in an Object-Oriented Web System
ESM, 67-71, 2002
Virtual Strabismus: Movements of the Eyes simulated in 3D for Educational Purposes
ESM, 445-447, 2002
A Multiagent System for the Concurrent Execution of Simulation Replicas
ESM, 60-64, 2002
Parallel Real-Time Fluid Simulation and Animation with Fractal Optical Refinements
ESM, 224-228, 2002
An Agent and Group Model for Generating a Variety of Flocking Behaviours
ESM, 163-167, 2002
Simulating Layer-4 Load Balancing Strategies in Web Clusters
ESM, 229-236, 2002
The AACmethod for the Evaluation of Simulation Results
ESM, 145-149, 2002
Hierarchical Intellignet Mixed Simulation
ESM, 159-162, 2002
Formal Integration of Structural Dynamics into the Object-Oriented Modeling of Hybrid Systems
ESM, 128-134, 2002
Can Independent Sampling be used for Simulation Output Analysis?
ESM, 137-141, 2002
Simulation of Software Behaviour using Animation
ESM, 278-283, 2002
Prototyping in Process oriented Modeling and Simulation
ESM, 20-26, 2002
Full Transceiver Circuit Simulation using VHDL-AMS
ESM, 642-652, 2002