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Adaptive computing and server virtualization in German data centers - Potentials for increasing energy efficiency today and in 2020
EnviroInfo, 477-484, 2014
Sustainability Management for Startups and Micro-Enterprises: Development of a Sustainability-Quick-Check and Reporting Scheme
EnviroInfo, 17-24, 2014
Using Interlinked Thesauri for INSPIRE-Compliant Metadata Management
EnviroInfo, 509-516, 2014
Aligning IT Architecture Analysis and Security Standards for Smart grids
EnviroInfo, 735-740, 2014
An Evolutionary Approach to Geo-Planning of Renewable Energies
EnviroInfo, 501-508, 2014
Improving of a target system for a strategic Eco-Controlling
EnviroInfo, 213-220, 2014
Implementation of a Semantic Language for Environmental Phenomena Processing in Time Series
EnviroInfo, 263-270, 2014
Groundwater data management system
EnviroInfo, 301-306, 2014
Design and Implementation of an Environmental Decision Support System: tools, attributes and challenges
EnviroInfo, 629-636, 2014
Classification of Techniques for Energy Efficient Load Distribution Algorithms in Clouds - A Systematic Literature Review
EnviroInfo, 605-612, 2014
Green IS Management Framework Verification: Explicating the Enabling Capabilities of Green IS
EnviroInfo, 389-396, 2014
Research on the applicability of IFAS model in flood analysis (Pilot at Bang Giang river basin in Cao Bang Province)
EnviroInfo, 317-324, 2014
Exploring Environmental Sustainability Performance in the Cellular Telecommunication Industry in Egypt
EnviroInfo, 229-240, 2014
Orchestration of Geospatial Processes with RichWPS - a Practical Demonstration
EnviroInfo, 525-532, 2014
Electricity Associations as Marked-based Steering Mechanism and Alternative to Fixed Feed-in Tariffs
EnviroInfo, 729-734, 2014
Application of Software and Web-based Tools for Sustainability Management in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
EnviroInfo, 413-420, 2014
Usability-Quiz: Die Begriffswelt der Usability durch ein Lernspiel vermitteln
EnviroInfo, 771-776, 2014
Supporting Sustainable Development in Rural Areas by Encouraging Local Cooperation and Neighborhood Effects using ICT
EnviroInfo, 621-628, 2014
A coupled subsurface-flow and metabolism model to study the effects of solute fluxes in the hyporheic zone
EnviroInfo, 293-300, 2014
Different horizons of the application of Weibull distribution for Wind resource assessment: a case study for the Brazilian Northeast region
EnviroInfo, 69-76, 2014
Informatics to Support International Food Safety
EnviroInfo, 127-134, 2014
Sustainability Aware Business Process Management using XML-Nets
EnviroInfo, 691-698, 2014
The Analysis and Design of a Sustainable E-learning System for Business Intelligence Development
EnviroInfo, 271-278, 2014
A framework for assessing the energy efficiency of non-mechanised agricultural systems in developing countries
EnviroInfo, 565-572, 2014
Towards an Environmental Information System for Semantic Stream Data
EnviroInfo, 637-644, 2014
A Risk Management for Agent-based Control of Ancillary Service Provision from Distributed Energy Resources in Smart Grids
EnviroInfo, 741-746, 2014
Portal for the collection of electrical devices with a suspected planned limited useful life
EnviroInfo, 189-196, 2014
Expansion of Data Center's Energetic Degrees of Freedom to Employ Green Energy Sources
EnviroInfo, 445-452, 2014
Mobile technologies and personalized environmental information for supporting sustainable mobility in Oslo: The Citi-Sense-MOB approach
EnviroInfo, 699-706, 2014
Considering Environmental Health Risks of Energy Options: Hydraulic Fracturing and Nuclear Power
EnviroInfo, 135-142, 2014
Regional Carbon Footprinting for Municipalities and Cities
EnviroInfo, 653-660, 2014
Model-based Energy Consumption Prediction for Mobile Applications
EnviroInfo, 747-752, 2014
Combining the analysis of resource demand and Ecological Footprint
EnviroInfo, 669-674, 2014
Water network pumps control reducing the energy costs
EnviroInfo, 307-316, 2014
Groen Gas - Sustainable Supply Chain Manager
EnviroInfo, 155-164, 2014
Application of hydrogeological modelling methods in forecasting seawater intrusion of Pleistocene aquifer in Thai Binh area
EnviroInfo, 333-340, 2014
Like! You saved #energy today. Fostering Energy Efficiency in Buildings - The implementation of social media patterns as symbols in Building Management Systems' Graphical User Interfaces using Peirce's semeiosis as a communication concep
EnviroInfo, 597-604, 2014
A Maturity Model for Green ICT: The Case of the SURF Green ICT Maturity Model
EnviroInfo, 33-40, 2014
Mapping Service Environmental Noise Schleswig-Holstein
EnviroInfo, 493-500, 2014
Modelling Rebound Effects in System Dynamics
EnviroInfo, 143-154, 2014
Upgrading Reporting, Communication and Benchmarking Tools of IT-for-Green Project
EnviroInfo, 41-48, 2014
Sustainable target cube - A Synthesis of Sustainability and Information System-
EnviroInfo, 241-246, 2014
Collaborative Environmental Data Management Framework for Microsoft Excel
EnviroInfo, 533-540, 2014
3D Visualisation of continuous, multidimensional, meteorological Satellite Data
EnviroInfo, 707-714, 2014
Evaluation Guidelines for Asynchronous Distributed Heuristics in Smart Grid Applications
EnviroInfo, 365-372, 2014
Telemetric Transportation Mode Validation
EnviroInfo, 815-820, 2014
Voluntary and Mandatory Company Sustainability Reporting: A Comparison of Approaches
EnviroInfo, 1-8, 2014
Findings of an Action Research on implementing an Integrated Energy Management in a German SME
EnviroInfo, 581-588, 2014
Planning of a water distribution network sensors location for a leakage isolation
EnviroInfo, 715-722, 2014
Complementary software solutions for efficient timber logging and trade management
EnviroInfo, 783-788, 2014
Management of Meteorological Mass Data with MongoDB
EnviroInfo, 549-556, 2014
Certifying Energy Efficiency of Android Applications
EnviroInfo, 765-770, 2014
What constitutes EMIS for sustainability reporting? A classification approach, using a systematic literature review
EnviroInfo, 397-404, 2014
Calculation of the current land use for renewable energy in Germany
EnviroInfo, 93-100, 2014
Monitoring Dashboard for Cloud Sustainable Greenhouses
EnviroInfo, 613-620, 2014
A consumer-orientated Architecture for distributed Demand-Side-Optimization
EnviroInfo, 349-356, 2014
Collaboration in spatial planning. Assessing the suitability and application potential of information and communication technologies
EnviroInfo, 645-652, 2014
A Tool for Simulating the Spread of Invasive Mosquitoes
EnviroInfo, 279-286, 2014
Applying the Smart Grid Architecture Model SGAM to the EV Domain
EnviroInfo, 821-826, 2014
Saving Energy on Mobile Devices by Refactoring
EnviroInfo, 437-444, 2014
A Sensor and Semantic Data Warehouse for Integrated Water Resource Management
EnviroInfo, 517-524, 2014
The quality of weather information for forecasting of intermittent renewable generation
EnviroInfo, 101-110, 2014
Evaluation of complex system structures in maintenance processes at offshore wind farms
EnviroInfo, 675-682, 2014
An approach of a data-driven Spatial Decision Support System to manage the effects of the Climate Change on agriculture
EnviroInfo, 197-204, 2014
Environmental Information System for Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Managent: Case Study of Pernambuco (Brazil)
EnviroInfo, 429-436, 2014
Towards Collaborative Green Business Process Management
EnviroInfo, 683-690, 2014
Verbesserung der Nutzerfreundlichkeit einer Simulationssoftware für die integrierte Betrachtung verschiedener Nachhaltigkeitsperspektiven in Produktionssystemen
EnviroInfo, 801-808, 2014
Simulation and Optimization as Modular Tasks within a Framework on High-Performance-Computing-Platforms
EnviroInfo, 541-548, 2014
Towards Green ERP Systems: The selection driven perspective
EnviroInfo, 421-428, 2014
A Data Classification to support Collaboration in an Enterprise Network
EnviroInfo, 795-800, 2014
Geo-referenced Imaging and Co-Simulation for Continuous Monitoring of Built Environment
EnviroInfo, 485-492, 2014
Durchführung einer Eyetracking-Studie zur Optimierung der Usability einer nachhaltigen Produktsuche
EnviroInfo, 777-782, 2014
Climate Change Adaptation and Interactive Participation of Stakeholders - first Results of the Project "KLIMPASS AKTIV"
EnviroInfo, 181-188, 2014
The Use of Social Media as an Enabler to Create Environmental Awareness of Staff in Higher Education
EnviroInfo, 405-412, 2014
Switch off the light in the living room, please! -Making eco-feedback meaningful through room context information
EnviroInfo, 589-596, 2014
The Impact on Human Health and the Environment of Different Types of German and Polish Power Plants: A First Scoring Approach in Germany
EnviroInfo, 111-118, 2014
An Equation-Based Approach to Transition Specifications in Material Flow Networks
EnviroInfo, 165-172, 2014
CO2 Emission from Vegetable Oil plants Using IPCC Guideline 2006: Iran's Experience
EnviroInfo, 573-580, 2014
Modeling of power consumption in a small microgrids
EnviroInfo, 381-388, 2014
A Master Program on Engineering Energy-Aware Software
EnviroInfo, 469-476, 2014
Cloud Computing for Mobile Devices - Reducing Energy Consumption
EnviroInfo, 453-460, 2014
Wind Power Prediction with Cross-Correlation Weighted Nearest Neighbors
EnviroInfo, 63-68, 2014
Contexto: Leveraging Energy Awareness in the Development of Context-Aware Applications
EnviroInfo, 753-758, 2014
Sustainability training for SMEs
EnviroInfo, 49-54, 2014
Inter-organisational Sustainability Reporting - A harmonized XRBL approach based on GRI G4 XBRL and further Guidelines
EnviroInfo, 9-16, 2014
Four-Dimensional Sustainable E-Services
EnviroInfo, 221-228, 2014
ICT-based Sustainability Planning and Management Support for SME
EnviroInfo, 25-32, 2014
Towards a Complete Tool Chain for Eco-Balancing Governmental Buildings
EnviroInfo, 173-180, 2014
GIS-Based Emission Analysis Using Car-Borne Sensor Data
EnviroInfo, 809-814, 2014
Using Information Security as a Facet of Trustworthiness for Self-Organizing Agents in Energy Coalition Formation Processes
EnviroInfo, 373-380, 2014
A Data Center Simulation Framework Based on an Ontological Foundation
EnviroInfo, 461-468, 2014
Computational method for prediction enhancement of a river flood simulation
EnviroInfo, 325-332, 2014
Scalable Integration of 4GL-Models and Algorithms for massive Smart Grid Simulations and Applications
EnviroInfo, 341-348, 2014
The 5% Approach as Building Block of an Energy System dominated by Renewables
EnviroInfo, 85-92, 2014
On the Impact of User Feedback on Energy Consumption
EnviroInfo, 759-764, 2014
Extending Energetic Potentials of Data Centers by Resource Optimization to Improve Carbon Footprint
EnviroInfo, 661-668, 2014
Multi-Actor Urban Energy Planning Support: Building refurbishment & Building-integrated Solar PV
EnviroInfo, 77-84, 2014
GSBL: Giving Germany's Most Comprehensive Chemical Substances Data Pool a Convincing Face
EnviroInfo, 789-794, 2014
Nuclear Energy: Danger Only in Case of Accidents?
EnviroInfo, 119-126, 2014
A method for the constrained interpolation of RLE-compressible chemical weather heatmaps
EnviroInfo, 255-262, 2014
Time Series Scenario Composition Framework in Supporting Environmental Simulation Tasks
EnviroInfo, 247-254, 2014
How GIS can help to promote safe cycling
EnviroInfo, 827-832, 2014
Electronic waste risk assessment and management in Ghana
EnviroInfo, 205-212, 2014
An expert system-based approach for energy-efficient processing of natural raw materials
EnviroInfo, 557-564, 2014
An IT-architecture to support energy efficiency and the usage of flexible loads at a container terminal
EnviroInfo, 357-364, 2014
Threat Scenarios to evaluate Trustworthiness of Multi-agents in the Energy Data Management
EnviroInfo, 258-264, 2013
Assessment of health risk due to PM10 using fuzzy linear membership kriging with particle swarm optimization
EnviroInfo, 887-894, 2013
Using Monetary Measurement of Environmental Impacts Within Economic Reporting Systems
EnviroInfo, 449-455, 2013
Requirements of an energy efficiency software for SME
EnviroInfo, 309-317, 2013
Global Energy System Modelling linked to spatial data with focus on renewable energy resources - a case study
EnviroInfo, 47-54, 2013
OpenResKit - Herausforderungen und aktuelle Entwicklungstendenzen bei der software-technischen Unterstützung von Ressourcen- und Energieeffizienzfragestellungen auf der Basis einer Client-/Server-Architektur
EnviroInfo, 550-560, 2013
Simulationsexperiment der Planung des Einsatzes eines Offshore Windparks
EnviroInfo, 903-912, 2013
HelioClim-1: 21-years of daily values in solar radiation in one-click
EnviroInfo, 143-148, 2013
Development of mathematical models for forecasting hydraulic loads of water and wastewater networks
EnviroInfo, 736-748, 2013
Climate Change, Food Security and Informatics
EnviroInfo, 865-873, 2013
Using a web-based SDSS for siting solar power plants
EnviroInfo, 100-108, 2013
Bioscore II - Improved assessments of effects of environmental pressures on biodiversity in Europe
EnviroInfo, 807-815, 2013
SAGA GIS based processing of spatial high resolution temperature data
EnviroInfo, 693-702, 2013
Identification of Optimal Biomass Utilization - Characteristics and Challenges
EnviroInfo, 25-32, 2013
Towards Modelling the research in Green IT with Agents
EnviroInfo, 335-341, 2013
Wildlife-Survey Schleswig-Holstein
EnviroInfo, 798-806, 2013