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A Multicast Congestion Control Model for Overlay Networks and its Performance
Networked Group Communication, 141-147, 2002
Open-loop video distribution with support of VCR functionality
Perform. Eval., 49(1/4):411-427, 2002
Bandwidth Allocation Policies for Unicast and Multicast Flows
INFOCOM, 254-261, 1999
Implementing Network Protocols in Java-A Framework for Rapid Prototyping
ICEIS, 649-656, 1999
Performance and Cost Comparison of Mirroring- and Parity-Based Reliability Schemes for Video Servers
Kommunikation in Verteilten Systemen, 402-415, 1999
Reliable Multicast via Satellite: Uni-directional versus Bi-directional Communication
Kommunikation in Verteilten Systemen, 264-275, 1999
Optimal Multicast Feedback
INFOCOM, 964-971, 1998
How Bad is Reliable Multicast without Local Recovery?
INFOCOM, 972-979, 1998
Performance Modelling of Reliable Multicast Transmission
INFOCOM, 471-479, 1997
Center placement algorithms for large multicast groups
HPN, 18-35, 1997
Reliable multicast: where to use FEX
Protocols for High-Speed Networks, 134-148, 1996
The server array: a scalable video server architecture
High-Speed Networking for Multimedia Applications, 103-125, 1995
Sicherheitsapekte des Betriebssystems UNIX
Informatik Spektrum, 13(4):191-203, 1990
Die Sicherheit des UNIX-Betriebssystems
GI Jahrestagung (1), 523-537, 1989