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Proceedings of the 2008 International Workshop on Data Management in Peer-to-Peer Systems, DaMaP 2008, Nantes, France, March 25, 2008
Supporting Data Currency in Replicated DHTs using a Key-based Timestamping Service
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An Efficient Mechanism for Processing Top-k Queries in DHTs
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Scalable and Available Reconciliation on P2P Networks
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Optimistic-Preventive Replication in a Database Cluster
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The RepDB* prototype: Preventive Replication in a Database Cluster
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Replica Consistency for Lazy Mult-Master Configurations in a Cluster of Autonomous Databases
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Optimistic Replication in Pharos, a Collaborative Application on the Web
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Parallel Processing with Autonomous Databases in a Cluster System
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Optimistic Replication for Collaborative Applications on the Web
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Maintaining Replica Consistency in Lazy Master Replicated Databases
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