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Airline Disruption Management - Dynamic Aircraft Scheduling with Ant Colony Optimization
ICAART (2), 398-405, 2015
The Impact of Pre-processing on the Classification of MEDLINE Documents
PRIS, 53-61, 2010
Refining the Trustworthiness Assessment of Suppliers through Extraction of Stereotypes
ICEIS (2), 85-92, 2010
BioStories - Dynamic Multimedia Interfaces based on Automatic Real-time User Emotion Assessment
ICEIS (5), 21-29, 2010
An Intelligent Framework for Automatic Event Detection in Robotic Soccer Games - An Auxiliar Tool to Help Coaches Improve their Teams' Performance
ICEIS (2), 244-249, 2010
Emotion-based Multimedia Retrieval and Delivery through Online User Biosignals - Multichannel Online Biosignals Towards Adaptative GUI and Content Delivery
ICAART, 232-237, 2009
Visualizing Networks of Music Artists with RAMA
WEBIST, 232-237, 2009
Automatic Emotion Induction and Assessment Framework - Enhancing user Interfaces by Interperting users Multimodal Biosignals
BIOSIGNALS, 487-490, 2009
Dynamic Multimedia Content Delivery based on Real-time user Emotions - Multichannel Online Biosignals Towards Adaptative GUI and Content Delivery
BIOSIGNALS, 299-304, 2009
Monitoring Cooperative Business Contracts in an Institutional Environment
ICEIS (2), 206-211, 2009
Dynamic Multimedia Environment based on Realtime user Emotion Assessment - Biometric User Data towards Affective Immersive Environments
ICEIS (5), 42-47, 2009
Real-time Biometric Emotion Assessment in an Immersive Environment
ICINCO-RA, 153-158, 2009
Emotion Assessment Tool for Human-Machine Interfaces - Using EEG Data and Multimedia Stimuli Towards Emotion Classification
SIGMAP, 185-188, 2008
Multi-level Control of an Intelligent Wheelchair in a Hospital Environment using a Cyber-Mouse Simulation System
ICINCO-RA (2), 179-182, 2008
Learning preferences to provide advice
ISPE CE, 129-134, 2003
Learning as a methodology for partner selection in agent-based negotiation
ISPE CE, 135-141, 2003