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Smoothing Parameters Selection for Dimensionality Reduction Method based on Probabilistic Distance - Application to Handwritten Recognition
ICPRAM, 325-330, 2013
Optimal Bayes Classification of High Dimensional Data in Face Recognition
ICPRAM, 641-646, 2013
Robust Object Segmentation using Active Contours and Shape Prior
ICPRAM, 547-553, 2013
Dimension Reduction by an Orthogonal Series Estimate of the Probabilistic Dependence Measure
ICPRAM (1), 314-317, 2012
Optimisation of Smoothing Parameter of Diffeomorphism Kernel Estimate for Bounded Random Data
SIGMAP, 56-61, 2012
Apparent Motion Estimation using Planar Contours and Fourier Descriptors
VISAPP (1), 322-327, 2010
Unsupervised Image Segmentation by Generalized Mixture Expectation-Maximization Algorithm and Bootstrap Resampling
IPCV, 1035-1041, 2009
Content-Based Shape Retrieval Using Different Affine Shape Descriptors
VISAPP (1), 497-500, 2008
Complete and Stable Projective Harmonic InvariantS for Planar Contours Recognition
VISAPP (2), 111-116, 2008
Implant trajectory estimation during femoral screw-plate osteosynthesis operation
CompIMAGE, 387-391, 2006
Image "group-registration" based on representation theory
VISAPP (1), 317-322, 2006