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Evaluating Dependable Distributed Storage Systems
PDPTA, 948-954, 2007
Toward a UML Profile to Support Component-Based Distributed Adaptive Systems
SEKE, 217-222, 2005
An Object-Oriented Modeling Learning Support System With Inspection Comments
SEKE, 211-216, 2005
A Formal Foundation of Code Pattern Based Development
SEKE, 274-279, 2005
Relational Program Architecture for High Quality Software Development
SEKE, 346-353, 2003
Automated Software Design of Process-Control Systems
SEKE, 467-474, 2003
Code Parameterization for Satisfaction of QoS Requirements in Embedded Software
Engineering of Reconfigurable Systems and Algorithms, 58-64, 2003
High-Assurance Systems (Introduction to the Special Section)
Commun. ACM, 40(1):67, 1997
Efficient Monte Carlo Method for Generating Random Test Data from Irregular Test Regions"
SEKE, 17-24, 1996