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Performance Assessment of Architectural Options on Intelligent Distributed Systems
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 45-51, 2005
Performance Evaluation: Origins and Directions
ISBN: 3-540-67193-51769, 2000
Mobile RSVP: Towards Quality of Service (QoS) Guarantees in a Nomadic Internet-Based Environment
Broadband Communications, 645-658, 1999
MONADS-DPV: An Object-Oriented Graphical Support for Developing Concurrent Software System
Computers and Artificial Intelligence, 16(6), 1997
Scriptless Behaviour Definition of Visual Objects
SEKE, 499-505, 1996
A hierarchical approach to workload characterization for parallel systems
HPCN Europe, 102-109, 1995
Computer Performance Evaluation, Modeling Techniques and Tools, 7th International Conference, Vienna, Austria, May 3-6, 1994, Proceedings
ISBN: 3-540-58021-2794, 1994
Performance Prediction of Parallel Programs
MMB, 64-76, 1993
A Collision Avoiding Six Legged Walking Machine Based on Kohonen Feature Maps
ECAI, 216-218, 1992
N/JOY - An Object Oriented System of Office Workbenches: Tools instead of Menus
IFIP Congress (3), 47-53, 1992
The power of parameterizable objects in modern user interfaces
INTERACT, 469-472, 1990
Workload Modeling for Computer Networks
ARCS, 324-339, 1988
On the Optimal Distribution of Processing Power in a Star Configured System
MMB, 353-365, 1983
On Stochastic Models of Interactive Workloads
Performance, 133-152, 1983
Zur Ermittlung der Residualkapazität von Rechnersystemen
Angewandte Informatik, 23(8):346-353, 1981
Ein Modell zur gemeinsamen Nutzung einer Rechenanlage
GI Jahrestagung, 534-544, 1979