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BUGMINER: Software Reliability Analysis Via Data Mining of Bug Reports
SEKE, 95-100, 2011
Properties of Machine Learning Applications for Use in Metamorphic Testing
SEKE, 867-872, 2008
An Approach to Software Testing of Machine Learning Applications
SEKE, 167-, 2007
A Virtual Environment for Collaborative Distance Learning with Video Synchronization
CATE, 357-362, 2004
Building Computer Ethics from the Ground Up
SIGUCCS, 146-148, 2000
Collaborative Work: Distributed Authoring and Versioning
IEEE Internet Computing, 1(2):76-77, 1997
Cooperative Transactions for Multiuser Environments
Modern Database Systems, 409-433, 1995
SIGSOFT '95, Proceedings of the Third ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on Foundations of Software Engineering, Washington, DC, USA, October 10-13, 1995
Incremental Process Support for Code Reengineering
ICSM, 282-290, 1994
A Flexible Rule-Chaining Engine for Process-Based Software Engineering
KBSE, 79-88, 1994
MARVEL 3: 1: A Multi-User Software Development Environment
ILPS, 36-39, 1993
Process Evolution in the Marvel Environment
ISPW, 104-106, 1993
Rule Chaining in MARVEL: Dynamic Binding of Parameters
KBSE, 215-222, 1991
A rule-based process server component for constructing rule-based
ISPW, 76-78, 1991