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Efficient and Scalable Computation of the Energy and Makespan Pareto Front for Heterogeneous Computing Systems
FedCSIS, 401-408, 2013
Batch Mode Stochastic-Based Robust Dynamic Resource Allocation in a Heterogeneous Computing System
PDPTA, 263-269, 2010
A Mathematical Model of Robust Military Village Searches for Decision Making Purposes
IKE, 311-316, 2009
Interpresing Noisy Prose using Heterogeneous Multi-cores
PDPTA, 111-117, 2009
Task and Machine Heterogeneities: Higher Momenets Matter
PDPTA, 3-9, 2009
Iterative Techniques for Maximizing Stochastic Robustness of a Static Resource Allocation in Periodic Sensor Driven Clusters
PDPTA, 3-9, 2008
Prose as a Model of Computation
FCS, 157-163, 2007
Resource Allocation in a Cluster Based Imaging System
PDPTA, 3-9, 2007
Software Support for Non-Numerical Computing on Multi-Core Chips
PDPTA, 845-851, 2007
Dynamic Resource Allocation Heuristics for Maximizing Robustness with an Overall Makespan Constraint in an Uncertain Environment
PDPTA, 24-30, 2006
Greedy Approaches to Static Stochastic Robust Resource Allocation for Periodic Sensor Driven Distributed Systems
PDPTA, 3-9, 2006
On the Robustness of Resource Allocation for Parallel and Distributed Computing and Communications
PDPTA, 3-16, 2003