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Performance Evaluation of Real Time Scheduling Policies over Wireless Ad hoc Networks
ICWN, 10-16, 2010
LPC Vocoders for Environmental Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Networks
ICWN, 593-598, 2010
A Protocol to the Auto-Configuration of Securing and Distributing Spontaneous Networks
ICWN, 152-157, 2010
A Cross Layer Design for Energy Aware Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks
ICWN, 460-465, 2010
Experimental Analysis of Radio Performance in 802.15.4 Wireless Networks
ICWN, 35-40, 2010
Cross Layer Design for Effective Resource Utilization in MANETs
ICWN, 328-335, 2010
Mobile Agents Based Cross-layer Congestion Control in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
ICWN, 90-96, 2010
Performance Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols Using TCP Traffic for Freeway Mobility Model
ICWN, 58-63, 2010
Sustainable Wireless Sensing Technologies for Imported Foods Inspection
ICWN, 432-438, 2010
Reconfigurable Wireless Sensor Node Using Digital Signal Controllers
ICWN, 505-509, 2010
Distributed Algorithms for 2-Connected Sensor Cover in Sensor Network
ICWN, 370-376, 2010
Siganal Reach Computation for AODV Power Tthreshold in WANET Employing Fuzzy Logic
ICWN, 345-348, 2010
A Secured and QoS Cross-layer Framework for Wireless Ad Hoc Network
ICWN, 83-89, 2010
Neighboring-Sensitive and Load Balanced Unequal Clustering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
ICWN, 412-418, 2010
A High Performance Contributory Group Key Management Scheme for Resource-Limited Networks
ICWN, 3-9, 2010
Comparison of DTN Routing Protocols and Their Buffer Utilization using ONE Simulator
ICWN, 252-256, 2010
Multidimensional Medium Access Control in Ambient Networks with Heterogeneous Interfaces and Media
ICWN, 246-251, 2010
Mobility and Load Analysis of DSDV and DSR Mobile Ad hoc Routing Protocols
ICWN, 122-127, 2010
Wind Shear Detection with 802.11s Wireless Mesh Networking
ICWN, 426-431, 2010
Characterization of HTTP QoS in a UMTS Network
ICWN, 24-29, 2010
Designing the Simple Network and Management Protocol for Monitoring of Devices on Data and Communication Systems
ICWN, 272-280, 2010
Fault Recovery in Self Training Wireless Sensor Networks
ICWN, 405-411, 2010
Study of Garment-Wearing Detecting System Using Intra-Body Communication Technology
ICWN, 302-308, 2010
u-NMS Using Smartphone for Wireless Integrated Network Management
ICWN, 617-618, 2010
The Survival of Communications in Ad Hoc and M2M Networks: Operating System and Alternative Strategies for Intelligent Routing Protocols in Low Power Computing NOMOHI Devices
ICWN, 97-103, 2010
Implementation of Sensor Networks
ICWN, 619-, 2010
iTour: A System for Self-Guided Virtual Campus Tours
ICWN, 295-301, 2010
Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks with Anchors Transmitting at Multiple Power Levels
ICWN, 524-530, 2010
A Study on Biological Data Transmission Performance of Wireless Sensor Networks for Cattle Feedlot
ICWN, 41-45, 2010
Timing and Carrier Recovery for OFDM in HD Video Links
ICWN, 315-320, 2010
Novel Approach for Channel Reservation to Improve QoS in Cellular Wireless Networks
ICWN, 605-610, 2010
A Holistic Approach for Evaluating Application-Specific Quality of Service (QoS) in Wireless Cellular Networks
ICWN, 483-487, 2010
Provision of Quality of Service Based on RSVP on Mobile IPv6 networks
ICWN, 209-214, 2010
Routing Method Under Coexistence of Different Types of Multihop Transmissions in MANET
ICWN, 572-576, 2010
A Nodal Feedback Model for Wireless Multisensory Data Fusion
ICWN, 493-498, 2010
Reputation Based Resistance for Route Request Flooding Attack in MANETs
ICWN, 240-245, 2010
Providing QoS for Multimedia Applications over WLANs: TPTN Approach
ICWN, 584-587, 2010
Comprehensive Study of Transport Communication Protocol (TCP) and Its Role in Wired and Wireless Networks
ICWN, 488-492, 2010
Computationally Effective Methods for Joint Detection and Decoding in MIMO Based Communication Systems
ICWN, 30-34, 2010
Stochastic Game Theoretical Model for Packet Forwarding in Reliable Relay Networks
ICWN, 227-233, 2010
Communication in the Smart Grid
ICWN, 309-314, 2010
An Overview of Performance and QoS Issues in MANETs
ICWN, 46-57, 2010
A Self-Organizing, Clustering Protocol for UWB Sensor Networks - A Qualitative Description
ICWN, 357-362, 2010
Distributed Information Filtering for Wireless Positioning in Correlated Measurement Noises
ICWN, 439-445, 2010
A Position-Based Broadcast Relay Approach in Mobile Vehicle-to-Vehicle Network
ICWN, 611-616, 2010
Mobility Models for Collaborating Search and Rescue Robots
ICWN, 203-208, 2010
Wireless Technology Performance Comparison
ICWN, 17-23, 2010
Mobile Voice and Data Solutions for n Services
ICWN, 196-202, 2010
Matching Reservation Method: A New Resource Reservation Scheme For LEO Satellite Systems And A Simulation-Based Performance Analysis
ICWN, 64-69, 2010
Handoff Decision and Relative Mobility Estimation of Mobile Station in Dielectric Objects Interfered Environment
ICWN, 215-218, 2010
From RFID Middleware to RFIT Systems - DEPCAS as an RFIT Solution
ICWN, 288-294, 2010
Performance Optimization of Reactive Routing Protocol using Fuzzy Logic for MANET in Qualnet
ICWN, 76-82, 2010
Intrusion Detection in MANETs : Emerging Issues and Solutions
ICWN, 165-172, 2010
Using Wireless Sensor Networks and Artificial Neural Networks for Implementing a Border Intrusion Detection System
ICWN, 478-482, 2010
Detecting and Labelling Wireless Community Network Structures from Eigen-spectra
ICWN, 398-404, 2010
A Recreating Method of Art Pictures based on Digital Image Processing
ICWN, 336-340, 2010
Security Evaluation of CDMA2000
ICWN, 145-151, 2010
Characteristics of Secure Routing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET)
ICWN, 128-134, 2010
A Multi-level Routing Algorithms Based on Fixed Radio Wave Radius
ICWN, 257-261, 2010
Secure Broadcast Using Random Keys in Wireless Sensor Networks
ICWN, 173-176, 2010
RSMG: Coding-aware Routing Based on Stable Matching Game
ICWN, 577-583, 2010
Dynamic Adaptive Backoff Algorithm Based on Channel State in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
ICWN, 559-565, 2010
A Development Model Supporting Integrative Object Oriented Middlewares for Sensor and Actuator Networks
ICWN, 363-369, 2010
A Facial Organs Positioning Method Based on Grayness Mutation
ICWN, 349-356, 2010
Efficient Cluster Head Election in Surveillance Reconnaissance Sensor Network
ICWN, 383-390, 2010
On Privacy and Integrity in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
ICWN, 111-115, 2010
Supporting Network State Adaptive QoS in IP-based Wireless Sensor Networks
ICWN, 466-471, 2010
A Review on Blackhole Attack in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
ICWN, 116-121, 2010
WIMAX Quality of Service: A Comparative approach
ICWN, 321-327, 2010
Research And Implementation Of Mobile Phone Animation Assisted Production and Creative Platform
ICWN, 219-226, 2010
Security Enhancement for Wi-Fi through Multiple Encryptions
ICWN, 177-182, 2010
User-Centric Resource Management in Next Generation Wireless Networks
ICWN, 419-415, 2010
GPS-less Speed Detection in VANET
ICWN, 281-287, 2010
Modification of Bandwidth Request Mechanism in MAC 802.16 for Improved Performance
ICWN, 531-537, 2010
Distributed Coding of Sources with Unknown Correlation Parameter
ICWN, 566-571, 2010
Nearest Neighbor Tracking for Proximity Aware Application
ICWN, 538-544, 2010
Analysis of Energy Harvesting for Vibration-Motivated Wireless Sensor Networks
ICWN, 391-397, 2010
ACBLUE - Commercial Automation with Bluetooth
ICWN, 234-239, 2010
Border Surveillance with Wireless Sensor Networks
ICWN, 545-551, 2010
Interleaver-based Subcarrier Allocation Schemes for BER Fairness in OFDMA
ICWN, 262-266, 2010
A Wireless Data Collection and Integrity Assurance System for Wetland Monitoring Projects
ICWN, 454-459, 2010
An Enhanced HCCA Based Adaptive Scheduler for Multimedia Traffic in IEEE 802.11e Wireless LAN
ICWN, 446-453, 2010
QoS Based Scheduler In Wireless Multimedia Networks: A Fuzzy Approach
ICWN, 499-504, 2010
Energy-Efficient MAC Protocol for Agricultural Environments
ICWN, 267-271, 2010
Distributed Fault Detection of Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Cluster Heads
ICWN, 472-477, 2010
Ratio-based Finite Horizon Scheduling in Wireless Ad hoc Networks
ICWN, 104-110, 2010
Localization with Wireless Sensor Networks: IR Band Image Processing
ICWN, 510-516, 2010
Implementing Security Measures for Portable Devices
ICWN, 158-164, 2010
Modeling the Scalability of the 802.15.4 Network
ICWN, 517-523, 2010
Application of AIS Algorithm for Optimization of TORA Protocol in ADHOC Network
ICWN, 135-144, 2010
Token Escrow Tree based Secure Multipath Routing in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
ICWN, 599-604, 2010
Using Mobile Devices for Secondary User Authentication
ICWN, 183-188, 2010
Design of a Transmission Process for Hopping Sensors to Enhance Coverage
ICWN, 377-382, 2010
PAPR Reduction in the OFDM Systems with Signal Space Expansion Scheme
ICWN, 588-592, 2010
Implementation of Node Update System using Virtual Area Technique
ICWN, 341-344, 2010
Routing Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
ICWN, 552-558, 2010
Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on Wireless Networks, ICWN 2010, July 12-15, 2010, Las Vegas Nevada, USA, 2 Volumes
ISBN: 1-60132-165-1, 2010
Survey on Analytical Models for IEEE 802.11 MAC Supporting Real-Time Services
ICWN, 524-530, 2009
An Achievable Rate Region for Cooperative Multiple Access Channel
ICWN, 588-592, 2009
Performance Evaluation of MMSE Based Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
ICWN, 664-668, 2009
Wireless Sensor Network for Landslide Detection
ICWN, 89-95, 2009
Mesh-Based Boundary Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks
ICWN, 55-60, 2009
Efficient Multiple Access with Traffic-Predicting and Retransmission-Scheduling for Voice and Data Traffics in LEO Satellite Networks
ICWN, 430-435, 2009
WiSNetCoL: A Wireless Sensors Network based Architecture to Monitor and Control Residential Electrical Loads
ICWN, 134-140, 2009
Evaluating FTP QoS in a UMTS Network
ICWN, 242-246, 2009
Effective Bandwidth Allocation with Fairness Guarantee in WiMAX
ICWN, 482-486, 2009
Packet Scheduling in the VANET Using Multi Level Queue
ICWN, 447-451, 2009
Design and Implementation of Wireless Sensor Networks Based Stable Management System
ICWN, 669-674, 2009
An Efficient Mobile Ad-hoc Routing Algorithm for Bluetooth Nodes
ICWN, 273-279, 2009
A New Efficient Technique for Network and Cluster Rekeying in Wireless Sensor Network based on Quarantining
ICWN, 515-523, 2009
Performance Analysis of the Combined AMC-MIMO Systems with Independent MCS Level Selection
ICWN, 297-302, 2009
Concerns with Time-Space Based Wireless Security
ICWN, 17-22, 2009
Wireless Sensor Network Localization With Imprecise Measurements Using Only a Quadratic Solver
ICWN, 109-112, 2009
A Multidimensional Approach for Context-aware Recommendation in Mobile Commerce
ICWN, 657-663, 2009
Flooding Features for the AODV Protocol
ICWN, 468-473, 2009
A Swarm Intelligence based Trust Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks
ICWN, 602-607, 2009
An Improved Bandwidth-Efficient Multicasting Protocol for WANs
ICWN, 455-461, 2009
IPng Transistional Study
ICWN, 566-570, 2009
Evaluation of PAPR Efficiency of QO-STBC Algorithm
ICWN, 324-328, 2009
Using a Saturation Counter to Improve the Accuracy of Final Decisions in Wireless Sensor Networks
ICWN, 124-129, 2009
Construction of a Relative-Distance-Sensing Personal Service
ICWN, 577-583, 2009
Investigating CRC Polynomials that Correct Burst Errors
ICWN, 632-637, 2009
Performance Comparision of Ant Colony Algorithm and Approximate Algorithm for Reporting Cell Problem Under Total Signaling Cost
ICWN, 638-644, 2009
Perfomance Enhancement Of TCP Using ECN And Snoop Protocol For Wireless Network
ICWN, 319-323, 2009