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The innovation link between organisation knowledge and customer knowledge
IRMA Conference, 112-115, 2000
Educational technology and emergent forms of education
IRMA Conference, 833-835, 2000
Designing recycling systems using closed queueing networks
IRMA Conference, 1176-1177, 2000
Organizational learning by "segmented networks": breeding variations and similarities together - what is optimum?
IRMA Conference, 188-191, 2000
Strategic information resources management in government: Lessons from international benchmarking
IRMA Conference, 932-933, 2000
Developing an expert system to software selection for small business
IRMA Conference, 800-801, 2000
The effects of work-family conflict on IT workers' careers: a gender-based analysis
IRMA Conference, 814, 2000
Using Lotus Learning Space to enhance student learning of data communications
IRMA Conference, 79-82, 2000
Information systems re-engineering strategies
IRMA Conference, 1205-1207, 2000
Using expert system technology for new venture strategy planning
IRMA Conference, 29-33, 2000
Critical issues of information systems management in Kuwait
IRMA Conference, 1209, 2000
A comparative assessment of the costs, benefits and risks of tracking stock prices with intelligent agents as compared to traditional investing
IRMA Conference, 337-341, 2000
Costing IS services - avoiding the sting in the tail
IRMA Conference, 11-15, 2000
Human-centred methods in information systems: boundary setting and methodological choice
IRMA Conference, 605-608, 2000
A simple answer to IT productivity paradox
IRMA Conference, 672-673, 2000
Website access behavior in the workplace: a structural equation approach
IRMA Conference, 1138-1139, 2000
An empirical study of knowledge and organisations
IRMA Conference, 312-315, 2000
Evaluation of electronic commerce adoption within SMEs
IRMA Conference, 367-372, 2000
User capabilities as a variable in model-based DSS design: a case study
IRMA Conference, 1077-1078, 2000
Modelling business rules using defeasible logic
IRMA Conference, 1020-1022, 2000
Web based systems development: characteristics of winning solutions
IRMA Conference, 798-799, 2000
Environmental management information systems - EMS records and metadata-based environmental information management
IRMA Conference, 522-526, 2000
Panels, workshops and tutorials
IRMA Conference, 1214, 2000
Dynamic knowledge-base construction through knowledge discovery
IRMA Conference, 934-935, 2000
Metrics-integrated case tools
IRMA Conference, 1208-1209, 2000
Where have all the women gone?
IRMA Conference, 969-970, 2000
GSS: old dog, new tricks applying GSS to marketing research
IRMA Conference, 1031-1032, 2000
Developing an architecture for global remote network access: one organization's approach
IRMA Conference, 1041-1042, 2000
An informal study of visual depictions of workflows
IRMA Conference, 1029-1030, 2000
Integrating the balanced scorecard and software measurement frameworks
IRMA Conference, 980-983, 2000
Marketing in the e-commerce model: the state of the art in marketing the enterprise web site
IRMA Conference, 782-783, 2000
An integrated model of EIS use
IRMA Conference, 624-627, 2000
An enterprise approach to the CIS curriculum
IRMA Conference, 926-927, 2000
Computer mediated communication in universities and further education establishments - a comparison of use and utility
IRMA Conference, 202-206, 2000
Logical designs of object-relational databases
IRMA Conference, 900-901, 2000
Rapid video browsing on a VCR using a TV set-top box
IRMA Conference, 250-254, 2000
Design of a Web-based tutoring system for Java
IRMA Conference, 757-759, 2000
Problems in the education of ICT professionals in Mozambique: a case study
IRMA Conference, 788-790, 2000
Meeting the e-commerce challenge in the undergraduate curriculum
IRMA Conference, 793-794, 2000
Problems in the implementation and utilisation of IT in Mozambique: the MIS-Modum case
IRMA Conference, 948-949, 2000
Towards a model for architectural co-ordination of business and IT perspective
IRMA Conference, 1119-1120, 2000
Will Asian-Pacific information technologists develop a new way to manage international banking swift messages?
IRMA Conference, 717-718, 2000
Knowledge management in the university sector: some empirical results
IRMA Conference, 1066-1067, 2000
A study of web users' waiting time
IRMA Conference, 439-441, 2000
Disaster recovery planning by health maintenance organizations: the role of business impact analysis and testing
IRMA Conference, 16-20, 2000
Navigating the Web: from information to knowledge
IRMA Conference, 741, 2000
Teachinginformation systems policy: electronic sophism?
IRMA Conference, 68-71, 2000
Student competencies: computer skills for business majors; standards, assessment, and instructional issues
IRMA Conference, 928-930, 2000
An experience factory for knowledge discovery in databases: representing KDD-experience
IRMA Conference, 1064-1065, 2000
Using formal specifications in object oriented design
IRMA Conference, 1062-1063, 2000
Conceptual foundations of tool-based evolutionary web development
IRMA Conference, 1005-1006, 2000
Identifying business components using conceptual models
IRMA Conference, 161-165, 2000
Comparative case study of multiple "schools of thought" in microcomputer applications teaching
IRMA Conference, 975, 2000
Information retrieval using collaborating multi-user agents
IRMA Conference, 631-635, 2000
A web usability assessment model and automated toolset
IRMA Conference, 538-541, 2000
On-the-scene education of information technology staff
IRMA Conference, 942-943, 2000
A recursive approach to software development
IRMA Conference, 535-537, 2000
Information management/librarian to knowledge manager: change of role
IRMA Conference, 1083-1085, 2000
Linking IT impact on productivity to the bottom line with a simple model
IRMA Conference, 255-258, 2000
Developing an environmental management information system for the sustainable development of the ski resort of Les Arcs (French Alps)
IRMA Conference, 1051-1052, 2000
Uses of new information and communication technologies in corporate networking: what are the organizational patterns?
IRMA Conference, 742-743, 2000
Use of collaborative technologies in distributed work: a case study
IRMA Conference, 259-263, 2000
Information technology for knowledge management in China
IRMA Conference, 462-464, 2000
Perceptions of business-to-consumer electronic commerce: a comparison of two cultures
IRMA Conference, 791-792, 2000
Business to business e-commerce success factors in China
IRMA Conference, 1222, 2000
Developing national library network statistics and performance measures: issues, findings, and recommendations
IRMA Conference, 1154-1157, 2000
Inspecting spam: unsolicited communications on the internet
IRMA Conference, 551-554, 2000
New trends in model engineering
IRMA Conference, 1185-1187, 2000
Structured apprenticeship: solution to the management information technology labor shortage
IRMA Conference, 689-690, 2000
Design and implementation of an MIS of telecom service
IRMA Conference, 1127, 2000
Active learning, teamwork, and IT technology
IRMA Conference, 1146, 2000
Adding alternative access paths to abstract data types
IRMA Conference, 283-287, 2000
Automating libraries in developing countries: the experience at Almaty State University (Kazakhstan)
IRMA Conference, 1046-1048, 2000
Knowledge sharing across organizational boundaries with application to distributed engineering processes
IRMA Conference, 1116-1118, 2000
Bending the paradigm: the use of the studio as an essential component of the structure of the bachelor of multimedia
IRMA Conference, 958-959, 2000
Advancing information management: reveling in information rather than knowledge
IRMA Conference, 1144-1145, 2000
The influence of experience, culture and spatial visualization ability on users' attitudes and anxiety towards computer use
IRMA Conference, 442-445, 2000
Emerging research themes in global information management
IRMA Conference, 636-639, 2000
Software reuse in hypermedia applications
IRMA Conference, 826-829, 2000
Client/server and the knowledge directory: a natural relationship
IRMA Conference, 21-23, 2000
The web, the spider and the fly: a cautionary tale for SMEs going online
IRMA Conference, 402-407, 2000
Extending electronic catalogs for supply chain management
IRMA Conference, 1160-1161, 2000
Approaches to a decentralized architecture for an electronic market - a study for the air cargo business
IRMA Conference, 62-67, 2000
Designing multilingual electronic catalogs
IRMA Conference, 347-349, 2000
IT vision 2000: the state of the art in the new millennium
IRMA Conference, 765-766, 2000
Strategic human resource allocation for an internal labor market: a human resource forecasting model for the Royal Netherlands Navy
IRMA Conference, 231-235, 2000
An object oriented approach to user interface standards
IRMA Conference, 753-756, 2000
Internet payment mechanisms: acceptance and control issues
IRMA Conference, 24-28, 2000
Evaluating organizational patterns for supporting business knowledge management
IRMA Conference, 775-777, 2000
IT initiatives: the influences of management practices and organizational factors in large complex organizations
IRMA Conference, 861-862, 2000
Integrating IT education and the world outside
IRMA Conference, 863-864, 2000
An investigation of the factors that motivate IT personnel to accept transitions to new technologies and environments
IRMA Conference, 1203-1204, 2000
Knowledge management in U.S. Federal government organizations: can it work?
IRMA Conference, 465-467, 2000
A key action plan for introducing component based development
IRMA Conference, 762-763, 2000
Modeling of coordinated planning and allocation of resources
IRMA Conference, 363-366, 2000
An exploratory study of internet auction business models
IRMA Conference, 561-565, 2000
A decision support tool for electric utility planning in liberalised energy markets under environmental constraints
IRMA Conference, 674-675, 2000
Interacting with customers on the internet: developing a model for small businesses
IRMA Conference, 517-521, 2000
Efficient query processing with structural join indexing in an object relational data warehousing environment
IRMA Conference, 976-979, 2000
Tacit knowledge acquisition and processing within the computing domain: an exploratory study
IRMA Conference, 1014-1015, 2000
End-user types and end-user support: a study
IRMA Conference, 1190-1191, 2000
Modeling the bullwhip effect in supply chains using group problem solving approach
IRMA Conference, 437-438, 2000
Professionalism in the computer information systems curriculum
IRMA Conference, 1216, 2000
Pre-teaching technical vocabulary in an introductory information systems course: an experiment involving non-native speakers of English
IRMA Conference, 74-78, 2000
The balanced scorecard and IT governance
IRMA Conference, 1123-1124, 2000
The supply side of knowledge management
IRMA Conference, 264, 2000
European electronic service infrastructure building - drifting into the future?
IRMA Conference, 330-333, 2000
Quality-of-service management in the next-generation internet
IRMA Conference, 1214, 2000
The knowledge medium - a conceptual framework for the design and implementation of a platform supporting the community of AIDS researchers and practitioners
IRMA Conference, 320-324, 2000
A three layered approach for general image retrieval
IRMA Conference, 784-785, 2000
Generalizing association rules with ordinal intensity of implication
IRMA Conference, 930, 2000
Building global information systems capabilities: a resource-based approach
IRMA Conference, 815-818, 2000
Use and reuse of association rules in an OLAP environment
IRMA Conference, 566-569, 2000
Toward an understanding of the behavioral intention to use a groupware application
IRMA Conference, 419-422, 2000
Leading without bleeding: an information technology case study at Union Pacific Railroad
IRMA Conference, 685-686, 2000
Connectionist models for tracing user-task profiles
IRMA Conference, 292-294, 2000
Knowledge management systems: an imperative for supporting the e-commerce customer
IRMA Conference, 904-905, 2000
Designing, developing, and maintaining concurrent systems based on self-measurement principle
IRMA Conference, 944-945, 2000
Two decades of project management research: lessons learned
IRMA Conference, 1194-1195, 2000
Temporal relevant logic as the logical basis of autonomous evolutionary information systems
IRMA Conference, 950-951, 2000
Effect of hypertext and animation on learning
IRMA Conference, 1103-1104, 2000
A systemic approach to define agents
IRMA Conference, 207-211, 2000