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Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Reasoning, 15th International Conference, LPAR 2008, Doha, Qatar, November 22-27, 2008. Proceedings
ISBN: 978-3-540-89438-45330, 2008
Advances in Computer Science - ASIAN 2007. Computer and Network Security, 12th Asian Computing Science Conference, Doha, Qatar, December 9-11, 2007, Proceedings
ISBN: 978-3-540-76927-94846, 2007
Proof-Theoretic Foundation of Compilation in Logic Programming
IJCSLP, 115-129, 1998
The Complexity of Model Checking in Modal Event Calculi with Quantifiers
KR, 368-379, 1998
The Complexity of Model Checking in Modal Event Calculi
ICLP, 419, 1997
A General Modal Framework for the Event Calculus and its Skeptical and Credulous Variants
ECAI, 33-37, 1996
A Modal Calculus of Partially Ordered Events in a Logic Programming Framework
ICLP, 299-313, 1995
Petri Nets and Linear Logic: a Case Study for Logic Programming
GULP-PRODE, 313-320, 1995
What the Event Calculus actually does, and how to do it efficiently
GULP-PRODE (2), 336-350, 1994
Expression and Enforcement of Dynamic Integrity Constraints
SEBD, 283-298, 1993
A WAM Implementation for the Logic Meta Programming Language 'Log
GULP, 203-214, 1993