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Testing Configurable Architectures For Component-Based Software Using an Incremental Approach
SEKE, 356-361, 2013
Testing Configurable Component-Based Software - Configuration Test Modeling and Complexity Analysis
SEKE, 495-502, 2011
A Model-based Approach to Regression Testing of Component-based Software
SEKE, 230-237, 2011
Systematic Risk Assessment and Cost Estimation for Software Problems
SEKE, 103-109, 2009
Building Testable Components - a Systematic Approach and Its Experimental Study
SEKE, 715-722, 2008
Model-based Test Complexity Analysis for Software Installation Testing
SEKE, 631-637, 2008
Class Firewall, Test Order, and Regression Testing of Object-Oriented Programs
JOOP, 8(2):51-65, 1995
Change Impact Identification in Object Oriented Software Maintenance
ICSM, 202-211, 1994