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Checkpointing and Rollback-Recovery Protocol Integrated with VsSG Protocol for RYW Session Guarantee
Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks, 174-179, 2006
Safety of Checkpointing and Rollback-Recovery Protocol for Mobile Systems with RYW Session Guarantee
ICEIS (4), 118-123, 2006
Replication of Checkpoints in Recoverable DSM Systems
Applied Informatics, 857-862, 2003
An Extended Coherence Protocol for Recoverable DSM Systems with Causal Consistency
PDPTA, 1231-1237, 2003
Performance Evaluation of Classical Algorithms for Mutual Exclusion in a Distributed Shared Memory System
PDPTA, 269-275, 2002
Fast and Low Cost Recovery Techniques for Distributed Shared Memory
PDPTA, 410-416, 2002
On Time Complexity of Distributed Algorithms for Generalized Deadlock Detection
ADBIS, 47-55, 1997