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Determination of Force Fields for Ode-based and Skeleton Driven Character Animation
GRAPP/IVAPP, 115-118, 2013
Statistical Analysis of Joint Determination for Skeleton Driven Animation of Human Hands
GRAPP/IVAPP, 123-126, 2013
Character Modeling using Physically based Deformable Curves
GRAPP/IVAPP, 119-122, 2013
A Unified Approach to Geometric Modeling of Curves and Surfaces
GRAPP, 23-30, 2011
Trigonometric Curve-based Human Modeling
GRAPP, 31-38, 2011
Manipulation of Parametric Surfaces through a Simple Deformation Algorithm
GRAPP, 84-89, 2010
Sweeping based Controllable Surface Blending
GRAPP, 78-83, 2010
An Efficient modelling and simulation of soft tissue deformation using mass-spring systems
CARS, 337-342, 2003