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Parallelization of a Mathematical Model to Evaluate a CCA Application for VANETs
SIMULTECH, 5-13, 2011
Optimum Frame-length Configuration in Passive RFID Systems Installations
IWRT, 69-78, 2009
Contents and Methodology of Middleware Programming for Distance Learning in Master Programs
CSEDU (2), 230-234, 2009
An Efficient Methodology to Limit Path Length Guaranteeing Anonymity in Overlay Networks
SECRYPT, 205-208, 2008
Probabilistic Retransmission Strategy for Single-Relay Cooperative ARQ
WINSYS, 21-28, 2008
Behavior Characterization and Performance Evaluation of a Hybrid P2P File Sharing System
ICSOFT (PL/DPS/KE), 95-102, 2008
Tag Loss Probability Evaluation for a Continuous Flow of Tags in the EPC-Global Standard
IWRT, 115-126, 2008
Performance Evaluation and Implementation Details for the CORBA A/V Stream Service for Video Communications
Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks, 436-442, 2005
Analysis and performance evaluation of a multicast flow control mechanism for wired-wireless networks
Communications and Computer Networks, 68-73, 2005
W2Lan: Protocol that transforms a 802.11 mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) into an ethernet lan
Communications, Internet, and Information Technology, 317-320, 2004
A Cost Optimization Methodology for Internet Transmission of Semi- Elastic Traffic Flows
International Conference on Internet Computing, 311-318, 2002
Description of a Simulation Environment to Evaluate High Performance ATM Fast Packet Switches
HPN, 423-438, 1994