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Simulation and Optimization as Modular Tasks within a Framework on High-Performance-Computing-Platforms
EnviroInfo, 541-548, 2014
Problems With Multi-Scale-Models
EnviroInfo, 857-864, 2013
Potential and Problems of the Cellular System Approach for Environmental Modeling and Simulation
EnviroInfo, 772-780, 2013
Model quality management in analogy to software quality standardization - a subjective contribution towards increased awareness of proper modeling practice
EnviroInfo, 341-348, 2012
Impact Analysis on Throughput A1r Fleet Resources Using Simulation
HSC, 78-82, 2009
Methodologische Aspekte bei komplexen Simulationsaufgaben am Beispiel der Dynamik des Waldsterbens bearbeitet mit dem Simulationssystem SIMPLEX-II
Analyse dynamischer Systeme in Medizin, Biologie und Ökologie, 146-152, 1990