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A toolkit for Exploring Electro-physiological Human-Computer Interaction
INTERACT, 231-237, 1999
Desktop Objects: Directly Manipulating Data and Meta Data
IDS, 2, 1996
Networked Virtual Reality and Cooperative Work
Presence, 4(4):364-386, 1995
Tool Support for Migration from a Relational to an Object-Oriented Database
OOIS, 252-261, 1995
Database Object Display Definition and Management with Moggetto
VDB, 289-303, 1995
Virtual Environments for Data Sharing and Visualisation - Populated Information Terrains
IDS, 168-182, 1994
From Multi-User to Shared Object Systems: Awareness about Co-Workers in Cooperation Support Object Databases
GI Jahrestagung, 476-481, 1993
Object-Oriented Database Systems: a Framework for User Interface Development
IDS, 25-38, 1992
The Designer's Notepad - A Hypertext System Tailored for Design
UK Hypertext, 260-266, 1989
Local Area Networks: An Advanced Course, Glasgow, July 11-22, 1983, Proceedings
ISBN: 3-540-15191-5184, 1985
A Practical Extension to UNIX for Interprocess Communication
Softw., Pract. Exper., 13(1):45-58, 1983