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EML: A Tree Overlay-Based Visual Language for Business Process Modelling
ICEIS (3), 131-137, 2007
Software Architecture Modelling and Performance Analysis with Argo/MTE
SEKE, 276-281, 2004
An e-whiteboard application to support early design-stage sketching of UML diagrams
HCC, 219-226, 2003
Approaches to supporting software visual notation exchange
HCC, 59-66, 2003
An Architecture for Efficient, Flexible Enterprise System Integration
International Conference on Internet Computing, 350-356, 2003
Visual Specification of Multi-View Visual Environments
VL, 236-243, 1998
A Petri Net-based Visual Language for Specifying GUIs
VL, 50-57, 1997
Visual Language Support for Planning and Coordination in Cooperative Work Systems
VL, 324-325, 1996
Visualisation of Object Oriented Program Execution
VL, 190-191, 1996