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Efficient Frontier Formulation for Additive and Restrictive Metrics in Hierarchical Routing
ICC (3), 1353-1359, 2000
Queue-Length Distributions for Multi-Priority Queueing Systems
INFOCOM, 641-648, 1999
ATM Cell Delay and Loss for Best-Effort TCP in the Presence of Isochronous Traffic
INFOCOM, 1141-1149, 1994
A Queueing System with Two Arrival Streams and Reserved Servers with Application to Cellular Telephone
INFOCOM, 2161-2167, 1992
Queueing theory for telecommunications
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Discrete Time Queue with Phase Dependent Arrivals
INFOCOM, 728-732, 1990
Transmission Facility Sharing for Integrated Services
INFOCOM, 236-245, 1984