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Workshop: Betriebliche Umweltinformationssysteme (7. BUIS-Tage 2015)
GI-Jahrestagung, 221, 2015
Digitalisierung und Informationssysteme der Nachhaltigkeitsberichterstattung - Wie Institutionen IKT und Software- Werkzeuge einsetzen, um Kommunikation und Nachhaltigkeitsleistung zu verbessern
GI-Jahrestagung, 411, 2015
Improving of a target system for a strategic Eco-Controlling
EnviroInfo, 213-220, 2014
Upgrading Reporting, Communication and Benchmarking Tools of IT-for-Green Project
EnviroInfo, 41-48, 2014
Voluntary and Mandatory Company Sustainability Reporting: A Comparison of Approaches
EnviroInfo, 1-8, 2014
Evaluation of complex system structures in maintenance processes at offshore wind farms
EnviroInfo, 675-682, 2014
Towards Green ERP Systems: The selection driven perspective
EnviroInfo, 421-428, 2014
Inter-organisational Sustainability Reporting - A harmonized XRBL approach based on GRI G4 XBRL and further Guidelines
EnviroInfo, 9-16, 2014
A Data Center Simulation Framework Based on an Ontological Foundation
EnviroInfo, 461-468, 2014
Incentive Scheme within a Sustainability CRM for Mobility
EnviroInfo, 470-480, 2013
Green E-Business Applications among the SMTEs in Tanzania: Analysis using the Green IT Reach-Rich Matrix
EnviroInfo, 369-378, 2013
Green E-Business Adoption in Developing Countries: A Conceptual model
EnviroInfo, 569-580, 2012
E-Business Applications in a Cloud: an Opportunity for Small and Medium Enterprises to Go Green
EnviroInfo, 673-683, 2012
STORM - Sustainable Online Reporting Model at the University of Oldenburg
EnviroInfo, 743-748, 2012
IT-for-Green: Environment, Energy, and Resource Management with Next-Generation EMIS
EnviroInfo, 719-722, 2012
The Role of Social Software as a Tool for Knowledge Management
KEOD, 512-516, 2011
Learner-oriented Approach for Enterprise Systems in Higher Education using Tel-based Concepts - Research Positioning Paper
CSEDU (2), 521-526, 2010
Collaborative corporate environmental management information systems
EnviroInfo, 197-204, 2010
ProPlaNET - Web 2.0 based Sustainable Project Planning
EnviroInfo, 436-445, 2010
DEEBIS-Net: Doctoral Education in Environmental and Business Information Systems - Binational PhD-Programme with Cuba
EnviroInfo, 205-211, 2010
Proposed Light-Weight Composite Environmental Performance Indicators (LWC-EPI) Model
EnviroInfo, 222-231, 2010
Evaluation von Konzepten zur Integration von UDDI-Registries unter Berücksichtigung von Marktaspekten
Data Warehousing, 491-508, 2008
ITEE 2005, Second International ICSC Symposium on Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering, September 25-27, 2005 Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Germany, Proceedings
ISBN: 3-8322-4362-3, 2005
An Agent-based Middleware for Environmental Information Management
ITEE, 253-267, 2005
Practice-oriented Valuation of Waste Management Software with Regard to Process Information and System Requirements
ITEE, 492-505, 2005
A New Approach to Solve Data Defects in Material Flow Networks
ITEE, 515-524, 2005
Conception of a System for Waste Management as Integral Part of an Environmental System Scenario - a Case Study
ITEE, 506-514, 2005
Modeling of a Data Warehouse System for Environmental Information - A Case Study
ITEE, 381-389, 2005
Development of an OGC Compliant Web Service to Calculate the Dispersion of Gaseous Substances
ITEE, 107-118, 2005
Intrusion Detection Management System for eCommerce Security
PRIS, 134-143, 2005
Data Mining Based Diagnosis in Resource Management
PRIS, 177-185, 2005
Architecture for a SME-ready ERP-solution Based on Web-Services and Peer-to-Peer-Networks
ICEIS (1), 383-390, 2005