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Development of A Sliding Window Protocol for Data Synchronization in a Flow Cytometer
SEKE, 626-631, 2014
An Approach for Analyzing Software Specifications in Petri Nets
SEKE, 411-416, 2013
Model-Based Metamorphic Testing: A Case Study
SEKE, 363-368, 2012
Designing Aspects with Use Cases: A Case Study
SEKE, 797-803, 2010
Identifying Factors that Improve the Predictive Quality of BMI for Health Status
BIOCOMP, 374-378, 2008
Design an Interoperable Mobile Agent System Based on Predicate Transition Net Models
SEKE, 560-565, 2005
Modeling and analyzing security protocols in SAM: A case study
IASTED Conf. on Software Engineering and Applications, 115-121, 2004