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Trusted Grid Computing with Security Assurance and Resource Optimization
ISCA PDCS, 110-117, 2004
JUMP-DP: A Software DSM System with Low-Latency Communication Support
PDPTA, 2000
COMET: A communication-efficient load balancing strategy for multi-agent cluster computing
PARCO, 574-581, 1999
A Migrating-Home Protocol for Implementing Scope Consistency Model on a Cluster of Workstations
PDPTA, 821-828, 1999
Performance Effect Analysis of False Sharing Problem in Clusters with Single I/O Space
PDPTA, 2788-2794, 1999
Advanced computer architecture - parallelism, scalability, programmability
McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 978-0-07-113342-5I-XXIV, 1-770, 1993
Wired-NOR Barrier Synchronization for Designing Large Shared-Memory Multiprocessors
ICPP (1), 171-175, 1991
Message Vectorization for Converting Multicomputer Programs to Shared-Memory Multiprocessors
ICPP (1), 204-211, 1991
Mapping Partitioned Program Modules Onto Multicomputer Nodes Using Simulated Annealing
ICPP (2), 292-293, 1990
Algorithm-Driven Simulation and Performance Projection of a RISC-based Orthogonal Multiprocessor
ICPP (3), 244-253, 1990
Solutions manual to accompany computer architecture and parallel processing
McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 978-0-07-031557-01-92, 1989
Optical Arithmetic Using Signed-Digit Symbolic Substitution
ICPP (1), 55-64, 1988
A Parallel Architecture for Optical Computing
PPSC, 414-418, 1987
An Augmented Tree Multiprocessor for Parallel Execution on Multigrid Algorithms
PPSC, 424-428, 1987
Hypernet Architectures for Parallel Processing
ICPP, 810-819, 1987
Parallel Pattern ClusterIng on a Multiprocessor with Orthogonally Shared Memory
ICPP, 913-916, 1987
Multipipeline Networking for Fast Evaluation of Vector Compound Functions
ICPP, 495-502, 1986
Computer architecture and parallel processing
McGraw-Hill,, McGraw-Hill Series in computer organization and architecture, ISBN: 978-0-07-066354-1I-XVIII, 1-846, 1986
Parallel Preprocessing and Postprocessing in Finite-Element Analysis on a Multiprocessor Computer
FJCC, 307-314, 1986
Remps: A Reconfigurable Multiprocessor for Scientific Supercomputing
ICPP, 102-111, 1985
A VLSI-Based Multiprocessor Architecture for Implementing Parallel Algorithms
ICPP, 657-664, 1985
Pipelined Evaluation of First-Order Recurrence Systems
ICPP, 537-543, 1983
Multiple pipeline scheduling in vector supercomputers
ICPP, 226-234, 1982