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Real-Time Database Systems: An Overview of System Characteristics and Issues
Real-Time Database Systems, 3-8, 2001
Conservative and Optimistic Protocols
Real-Time Database Systems, 29-44, 2001
Mobile Distributed Real-Time Database Systems
Real-Time Database Systems, 245-258, 2001
Adaptive Real-Time Monitoring Mechanism for Replicated Distributed Video Player Systems
ICDCS Workshop on Distributed Real-Time Systems, B71-B77, 2000
Broadcast Strategies to Maintain Cached Data for Mobile Computing System
ER Workshops, 193-204, 1998
Data State Dependent Approach for Criticality Assignment in Real-Time Active Databases
RTDB, 131-144, 1997
An Efficient Real-time Optimistic Concurrency Control Protocol
ARTDB, 209-225, 1995