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LSI-CAD Programs on Parallel Inference Machine
FGCS, 237-247, 1992
Parallel Inference Machine PIM
FGCS, 50-72, 1992
Towards the General-Purpose Parallel Processing System, Panel Position Paper
FGCS, 1074-1075, 1992
Parallel and Distributed Implementation of Concurrent Logic Programming Language KL1
FGCS, 436-459, 1992
Parallel Logic Simulator based on Time Warp and its Evaluation
FGCS, 1198-1206, 1992
Experimental Parallel Inference Software
FGCS, 166-190, 1992
Parallel Programming and Large-scale Applications in the FGCS Project
ICLP, 949, 1991
The FGCS Computing Architecture
IFIP Congress, 627-632, 1989
A Load Balancing Mechanism for Large Scale Multiprocessor Systems and its Implementation
FGCS, 978-986, 1988
Research and Development of the Parallel Inference System in the Intermediate Stage of the FGCS Project
FGCS, 16-36, 1988
Overview of the Parallel Inference Machine Architecture (PIM)
FGCS, 208-229, 1988
Preliminary Evaluation of the Connection Network for the Multi-PSI System
ECAI, 18-23, 1988
A Distributed Implementation of Flat GHC on the Multi-PSI
ICLP, 257-275, 1987
Hardware Design and Implementation of the Personal Sequential Inference Machine (PSI)
FGCS, 398-409, 1984
A Microprogrammed Interpreter for the Personal Sequential Inference Machine
FGCS, 410-418, 1984
The Experimental LISP Machine
IJCAI, 865-867, 1979