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Towards a Lightweight Approach for Modding Serious Educational Games: Assisting Novice Designers
DMS, 329-334, 2014
Towards an Agent-oriented Framework for Serious Games - Architecting with Behavioural Software Agents
SIMULTECH, 192-199, 2011
Proceedings of the 14th International ACM Sigsoft Symposium on Component Based Software Engineering, CBSE 2011, part of Comparch '11 Federated Events on Component-Based Software Engineering and Software Architecture, Boulder, CO, USA, June 20-24, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4503-0723-9, 2011
Towards Security-aware Program Visualization for Analyzing In-lined Reference Monitors
DMS, 257-260, 2010
Reverse Engineering Visual Design Models from Code: What are the Issues?
DMS, 297-299, 2010
Security Modeling and Analysis in a Software Architecture Design
SETP, 115-122, 2008
A Software Tool for Requirements Specification - On Using the STORM Environment to Create SRS Documents
ICSOFT (SE), 319-326, 2007
Reducing the Number of Test Cases for Performance Evaluation of Components
SEKE, 145-150, 2007
Towards Aspect-oriented Model-driven Code Generation in the Formal Design Analysis Framework
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 628-633, 2007
Verifying Behavioral Component Interoperability Using Positive/Negative Model Checking
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 588-594, 2007
Revitalizing Software Engineering Education in the 21st Century
SETP, 197-204, 2007
Non-functional Requirement Modeling and Analysis in an Aspect-Oriented Architectural Approach
SETP, 96-103, 2007
Component-Aware System Architecting: A Software Interoperability
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 778-784, 2006
Helping to Meet the Security Needs of Enterprises: Using FDAF to Build RBAC into Software Architectures
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 790-796, 2006
Toward a UML Profile to Support Component-Based Distributed Adaptive Systems
SEKE, 217-222, 2005
An Object-Oriented Modeling Learning Support System With Inspection Comments
SEKE, 211-216, 2005
Modeling Reusable Security Aspects for Software Architectures: a Pattern Driven Approach
SEKE, 158-162, 2005
Evaluating Off-The-Shelf Architectural Components
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 115-121, 2005
Modelling and Performance Analysis for Security Aspects
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 905-911, 2005
Experiences Using Defect Checklists in Software Engineering Education
CAINE, 402-409, 2005
Performance Modeling and Analysis of Software Architectures: An Aspect-Oriented UML Based Approach
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 111-120, 2004
A Component Framework for Resource Management Systems
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 681-687, 2004
COTS-Aware Requirements Engineering and Software Architecting
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 57-63, 2004
Applying Aspect-Orientation in Designing Security Systems: A Case Study
SEKE, 360-365, 2004
Architecting Adaptable Software Using COTS: An NFR Approach
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 155-164, 2003
Code Parameterization for Satisfaction of QoS Requirements in Embedded Software
Engineering of Reconfigurable Systems and Algorithms, 58-64, 2003