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A Preliminary Systematic Review of Computer Science Literature on Cloud Computing Research using Open Source Simulation Platforms
CLOSER, 537-545, 2017
On the Design of Parallel Finite Element Approximate Inverses
PDPTA, 292-298, 2007
High Performance Computations Using Internet and Grid Technology
Neural Parallel & Scientific Comp., 13459-478, 2005
Normalized Isomorphic Preconditioned Methods for Solving Sparse Non-Linear Systems
MSV/AMCS, 362-372, 2004
Parallel Finite Element Approximate Inverse Preconditioning on Symmetric Multiprocessor Systems
PDPTA, 168-178, 2004
Performability Evaluation of Multitasking and Multiprocessor Systems by Explicit Approximate Inverses
PDPTA, 1324-1331, 2003
Performability Evaluation of a Replicated Database System by Explicit Approximate Inverses
PDPTA, 114-120, 2002
A Normalized Explicit Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Method for Solving Sparse Non-linear Systems
PDPTA, 107-113, 2002