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HyVVE - A Voronoi based Hybrid Architecture for Massively Multiplayer On-line Games
DCNET/ICE-B/OPTICS, 15-23, 2013
Gossip Communities: Collaborative Filtering Through Peer-to-Peer Overlays (Extended Abstract)
SEBD, 54-61, 2010
A Priority-Based Multilevel Scheduler for Batch Jobs on Grids
PDPTA, 444-450, 2009
Solving Irregular Problems through Parallel Irregular Trees
Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks, 246-251, 2005
A Static Analysis to Order Instructions of a Concurrent Program
PDPTA, 688-697, 1995
Pipeline Optimizations in AND-Parallel Logic Programs
ICLP, 291-305, 1990
Structure Process for a Cooperative Approach to Fault-Tolerant Distributed Software
Symposium on Reliability in Distributed Software and Database Systems, 218-231, 1984