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A Novel Computation-to-core Mapping Scheme for Robust Facet Image Modeling on GPUs
PDPTA, 189-195, 2010
The Direct Algorithm Applied to a Problem in Biomechanics with Conformal Mapping
CSC, 128-133, 2010
Modeling of Metabolic Oscillations in Mitochondria and Their Coupling in a Cell
BIOCOMP, 620-625, 2009
Radial Basis Function Collocation for the Chemical Master Equation
BIOCOMP, 295-300, 2009
An Iterative Framework for the Improvement of Soft Clusters for Classificaction
IPCV, 766-772, 2009
A Hypothesis Test for the Evaluation of Soft Clusters for Classification
IPCV, 672-678, 2009
Analysis of Goldbeter-Koshland Switch Using the Chemical Master Equation
BIOCOMP, 361-367, 2008
Stochastic Simulation Algorithms for Chemical Reactions
BIOCOMP, 431-436, 2008
An Adaptive Noise Filtering Algorithm Based on the Maximum Noise Fraction
IPCV, 717-723, 2008
Data Reduction using the Singular Value Decomposition for a Hybrid Classifier
CSC, 183-188, 2007