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Interface Tangibility and Gesture in Mediating Individual Agency Within Group Spatial Problem Solving with an Ecosystem Simulation
CSCL (1), 264-271, 2013
Supporting Active Wiki-based Collaboration
CSCL (1), 176-183, 2013
Analyzing Student Motivation and Self-Efficacy in Using an Intelligent Tutoring System
ICCE, 896-899, 2005
Authoritative Citation KNN Learning with Noisy Training Datasets
IC-AI, 916-931, 2004
Adaptive Learning to Optimize Resource Management in a Multi-agent Framework
IC-AI, 386-389, 2004
Multiagent Coalition Formation for Distributed, Adaptive Resource Allocation
IC-AI, 372-378, 2004
An Integrated Multilevel Learning Approach to Multiagent Coalition Formation
IJCAI, 619-624, 2003
Reflective Negotiating Agents for Real-Time Multisensor Target Tracking
IJCAI, 1121-1127, 2001
Using Learning by Discovery to Segment Remotely Sensed Images
ICML, 919-926, 2000