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Video Shot Boundary Detection Using Weighted Color Histogram and Gaussian Transition Detection
IPCV, 654-658, 2010
Video Resolution Enhancement in the Presence of Moving Objects
IPCV, 456-460, 2009
Clustering Based Non-parametric Model for Shadow Detection in Video Sequences
IPCV, 440-445, 2009
Video Retrieval Using Generalized Eigenvalue Decomposition
IPCV, 451-455, 2009
Considerations for Performance of if-cube3 Fault-Tolerant Routing in Mesh NoCs
ESA, 231-236, 2009
Validation of a High Level Test Strategy for NoC Switches
ESA, 297-300, 2009
Considerations for Performance of Fault-Tolerant Routing in Mesh Network-on-Chips
ESA, 259-264, 2009
A Novel Routing Algorithm for Improving Performance Parameters for Network on Chips
ESA, 254-258, 2009
Packet Scheduling in the VANET Using Multi Level Queue
ICWN, 447-451, 2009
A Hierarchical P2P Architecture for Network Management Systems
ICWN, 645-650, 2009
A New Approach for Improving Coverage in Mobile Sensor Networks
ICWN, 113-118, 2009
Evaluate and Improvement of IPv4 to IPv6 Transition Mechanisms
ICWN, 329-335, 2009
Overview on Ad Hoc networks Localization
ICWN, 407-413, 2008
Improving TFRC over DCCP protocol in mobile wireless networks
ICWN, 535-539, 2008
A Robust and Efficient Multicast Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks
ICWN, 180-186, 2008
3D Reconstruction of Walking Human based on Human Gait Knowledge
IPCV, 196-202, 2008
Using Type II Fuzzy Entropy in Thresholding Phase of Motion Detection Based on Temporal Variance and Background Modeling
IPCV, 477-483, 2008
Cascade-based Approach for License Plate Recognition
IPCV, 44-49, 2008
Outlier Removal for Super-Resolution Problem Using QR-Decomposition
IPCV, 271-277, 2008
Improved Face Detection Using Spatial Histogram Features
IPCV, 381-386, 2008
A Robust Donoho-Stahel based outlier detection factor for Multivariate data
Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition, 201-207, 2007
A New Methodology for Hardware Design Based on UML for SystemC
CDES, 84-89, 2007