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Next Generation TV through Automatic Multimedia Annotation Systems - A Hybrid Approach
SIGMAP, 192-197, 2012
Video Event Annotation using Ontologies with Temporal Reasoning
IRCDL, 13-22, 2008
Automatic Detection of Advertising Trademarks
IRCDL, 83-88, 2008
Video Annotation and Retrieval with Pictorially Enriched Ontologies
IRCDL, 76-79, 2006
Common visual cues for sports highlights detection
ICME, 1399-1402, 2004
Content-based video adaptation with user's preferences
ICME, 1695-1698, 2004
Automatic Interpretation of Soccer Video for Highlights Extraction and Annotation
SAC, 769-773, 2003
Semantic annotation for live and posterity logging of video documents
VCIP, 1307-1316, 2003
Content-based indexing and retrieval of TV news
Pattern Recognition Letters, 22(5):503-516, 2001