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Simultaneous Control of Translational and Rotational Motion for Autonomous Omnidirectional Mobile Robot - 2nd Report: Robot Model Considering Moving Parts and Evaluation of Movable Area by Heights
ICINCO (2), 451-454, 2012
Obstacle Avoidance with Simultaneous Translational and Rotational Motion Control for Autonomous Mobile Robot
ICINCO (2), 5-13, 2011
Passivity-based Nonlinear Stabilizing Control for a Mobile Inverted Pendulum
ICINCO (2), 128-134, 2011
Action Control Method for Powered Wheelchairs Considering Control Input and Environmental Information
ICINCO (2), 28-36, 2011
Obstacle Avoidance for Autonomous Mobile Robots based on Position Prediction using Fuzzy Inference
ICINCO-RA, 299-304, 2009
Multi Scale Moving Control Method for Autonomous Omni-directional Mobile Robot
ICINCO-RA, 449-452, 2009