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Efficient Implementation of Constrained Robust Model Predictive Control using a State Space Model
ICINCO (3), 116-121, 2010
Design of a Multiobjective Predictive Controller for Multivariable Systems
ICINCO (3), 109-115, 2010
A Novel Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Multiobjective Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem
ICINCO-ICSO, 225-230, 2008
Multi-objective predictive control: application for an uncertain process
ICINCO, 233-238, 2005
Genetic and ellipsoid algorithms for nonlinear predictive control
ICINCO, 288-291, 2005
Application of Adaptive Controllers for the Temperature Control of a Semi-Batch Reactor
International Journal of Computational Engineering Science, 2(2):287-307, 2001