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Speculative Transactions for Distributed Interactive Applications
PDPTA, 28-35, 2010
Efficient Commit Ordering of Speculative Transactions
PDPTA, 21-27, 2010
Checkpointing and recovery in a transaction-based DSM operating system
Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks, 526-531, 2004
Performance Evaluation of a Transactional DSM System
PDPTA, 97-106, 2002
Multiple Subtyping in a Persistent Distributed Shared Memory Operating System
PDPTA, 2000
Implementation of the Java Language in a Persistent DSM Operating System
PDPTA, 2101-2107, 1999
Medizinische Multimedia-Applikationen und Telemedizin basierend auf drahtlosem ATM
GI Jahrestagung, 287-296, 1997