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On Analyzing Symmetry of Objects using Elastic Deformations
VISAPP (1), 194-200, 2009
Optimal spanning trees mixture based probability approximation for skin detection
VISAPP (1), 382-385, 2007
Human identification using facial curves with extensions to joint shape-texture analysis
VISAPP (2), 253-256, 2007
Annales des Télécommunications, 60(11-12):1282-1283, 2005
Partial Shape Retrieval by M-tree and a Bayesian Approach
ICVGIP, 216-221, 2004
Blocking objectionable images: adult images and harmful symbols
ICME, 1223-1226, 2004
3D Models Retrieval and Indexing
JCIS, 972-975, 2002
Maximum Entropy Models for Skin Detection
ICVGIP, 2002
Un modèle générique multi-niveaux pour la recherche d'imahe par la sémantique
BDA, 2001