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MapReduce and PACT - Comparing Data Parallel Programming Models
BTW, 25-44, 2011
eXtreme Role Engineering: Ein neuer Ansatz zur Rechtedefinition und -vergabe
Sicherheit, 569-573, 2008
Germany, Belgium, France, and Back Again: Job Migration using Globus
GCA, 249-252, 2008
Overbooking in Planning Based Scheduling Systems
GCA, 242-248, 2008
BabelPeers: P2P based Semantic Grid Resource Discovery
High Performance Computing Workshop, 288-307, 2006
QoS Resource Management for Cluster-Based Image Retrieval Systems
PDPTA, 301-310, 2005
Provision of Fault Tolerance with Grid-enabled and SLA-aware Resource Management Systems
PARCO, 113-120, 2005
QoS-aware Query Processing in Cluster-based Image Databases
PARCO, 491-498, 2005
PMF - A Comfortable, Modular Framework for Parallel Meshing Algorithms
PDPTA, 648-651, 2004
Towards Quality of Service Based Resource Management for Cluster-Based Image Database
MSV/AMCS, 373-379, 2004
Multimedia Services for Location-Aware, Ad-Hoc Collaboration in Wireless Networks
International Conference on Wireless Networks, 549-555, 2004
padviz - A Prototype for Visualization of Three Dimensional Fluid Flow on Unstructured Grids
CISST, 237-240, 2004
Region of Interest Video Coding for Result Presentation in Distributed Video Databases
CISST, 427-433, 2004
ShaderSearch - Simple Template Matching on a GForce4
CISST, 538-541, 2003
Search for Similar Scenes in Newsfeeds Based on Image Warping Technique
CISST, 542-550, 2003
Supporting Digital Watermarks with Error-Correcting Codes
CISST, 31-37, 2003
Extending the Divisible Task Model for Workload Balancing in Clusters
PARCO, 219-224, 2003
Extending the Divisible Task Model for Load Balancing in Parallel and Distributed Systems
PDPTA, 493-497, 2003
Evolutionary Algorithms for Scheduling in the Extended LogGP Model
PDPTA, 286-292, 2003
Strategies for Data Replication and Data Recovery in Distributed Image Databases
PDPTA, 970-976, 2002
A Stimulated Annealing Strategy for Workload Balancing in Parallel Image Databases
PDPTA, 734-740, 2002
Cluster-Based Organisation and Retrieval of Newsfeed Archives
JCIS, 1033-1036, 2002
Image Retrieval with Gabor-Wavelet-Networks
IMSA, 312-317, 2002